Saturday, 26 April 2008

Wonky Letters

Have you noticed that Blogger has changed the format of the letters on Word Verification?

Inspiring don't you think?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Day the Earth Shook

One ruler with some dark blue FQ's to finish my Lazy Gal project.

I'm on a high - very big high!

After writing yesterday's post the postman arrived. He delivered a big box from America.

I couldn't for the life of me think what it was. Had I won a giveaway (highly unlikely as I never do!), or had I ordered something online and forgotten about it (again not likely).

The Customs declaration form said it was a book. What on earth????? I'm sure I hadn't ordered anything recently. The Euro/Dollar/Sterling thing has put a stop to that!

Only one thing for it - start opening it! Now who do I know who lives in WI? Only Finn and I know she hasn't sent me anything and the name does look vaguely familiar. Questions, questions, questions. Start ripping and let's see what's inside.

Loads of bubblewrap. Whatever it is , it must be precious.

Screams, yells, jumping up and down - the family came rushing thinking I'd hurt myself.


It's from Kathie at Threadlines.

Her card says
"I happened upon a bargain priced copy of this book a couple of weeks ago. I already owned a copy; what to do with this new book?

I decided it belonged to someone who really wanted a copy and was unlikely to find one where she lived. "Someone" suggested you."

That "someone" received a phone call yesterday from a very incoherent me. Sorry Tonya - I probably wasn't making much sense!

Kathie - you are one of life's nice people. Thank you so very very very much. I still can't believe I now own this book and have to keep making sure it's actually on the table.

On that note - the sun is shining - for the first time it's warm - I've got a patio to pressure wash and Gwen Marston and Liberated Quiltmaking is going to have to wait until afternoon tea time, but I'll probably keep on popping into the kitchen to make sure it's still here!

Donc, A+

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

WiP Wednesday : 23-04-2008

I've managed to get some computer time while the girls are still in bed (it's nearly 11.30 a.m!)

They are spending their days chatting on MSN and updating their blogs every few minutes.

I took this sneaky picture yesterday afternoon - they'll kill me if they find out.

Les Filles!

Alex is on the left and that's Magali on the right

Right - on to what's happening in the sewing corner this week.

Remember Ab Fab? The fabric I got at Riberac Brocante last year.
Ab Fab

And here is the bit I've quilted close up.

Close up of Ab Fab

I'm really quite pleased with myself.   Stitches are getting smaller and more even.  I've got 3 different needles on the go - a size 10 quilting needle for normal quiltilng thread, a bigger one for 3 stranded floss and one for the perle 8.  My stitches vary in size depending what needle I'm using, but I'm pleased with it, even though it's still a bit bumpy.  The baptist fans went a bit off course - I'm trying to do these literally free hand with no markings

My project for Tonya's Summer Class is going well too AND I'm piecing together Quilt No. 7 over at the Qs4L blog.

Taking the girls into Perigueux for the afternoon and hoping to get into one of the QS's.  I have decided I really do need the very long Omigrid ruler.

Donc, a+

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Calling quilters in Asia and the Middle East

I'm on the hunt for quilting bloggers in the Middle East and Asia/India/Russia/China who would be willing to contribute a block or two for Quilts 4 Leukaemia.

Does anyone know of any please?

Thursday, 17 April 2008

A trip down memory lane

Remember this?

I've been rummaging through the bins trying to find something to do. I'm really do need to unpick that batting, but keep putting it off.

So I decided to make this little orphan house part of a bigger top and see what happens.

A start

Small Beginnings

It is pouring with rain here.  Alex breaks up tomorrow for the 2 week spring break.  Hope the weather isn't going to be like this for the whole fortnight.  We've got plans.

As Alex is on hols, you should know by now that you won't see much of me until she goes back.

So A+

Friday, 11 April 2008

Odds and ends (updated)

Haven't really got much to show off at the moment.

Connection speed is diabolical and I'm having difficulty uploading photos to Flickr, so here is a photo of what is on the wall at the moment.


That mess on the left is my project for Tonya's Lazy Gal Summer Class. Don't seem to be progressing very fast. I'm thinking of using Tracey's Free Pieced Roses between and around the words. Either that or stars. Not at all sure. What do you think I should do?

Top right was meant to be a wonky tree for the same project, but it looks like a cross between a house and a mushroom. Most of my rejects are made into pot holders and sent over to my mother and that is where this one was going, but when I had finished we decided to keep it and hang it somewhere.

Bottom right is Bellatrix who has now got a border.

The connection seems to have sped up and Flickr has behaved itself so here are some more photos.

I received a package yesterday from the UK. I knew that Anne had promised me one of her heart quilts in exchange for some fabric, but she hadn't shown it on her blog so I had no idea what to expect.

I Heart Hearts

Isn't it gorgeous!

The envelope was huge. Why on earth would she need such a big envelope for such a little quilt.

This is why.

(no subject)

Scraps and crumbs and scraps and crumbs. Wooo hooo. I feel another Bonnie crumb quilt coming on.

Have a good weekend.


Monday, 7 April 2008

What Colour is Your Hand?

Besoin d'un serieux coup de main

I found this in Linda's blog and on Michele's.

These instructions have been taken from Linda's blog.
Take a piece of fabric, a material or a color that reminds of you.

On the back side of the fabric trace the contour of your hand (right or left like you prefer). Then cut leaving from 5 to 8 cm for the arm. Put your hand in an envelope and send it to me,

67114 ESCHAU (France)

writing separately on a piece of sheet your name or your nickname.
Especially do not lose time writing me by e-mail to tell that you want to participate, or to explain that you could. That you have not been able to. It would be only lost time .... The time, that we need so much! There is no need of inscriptions nor confirmations, and to gain more time I leave my address:
I won't send e-mail to confirm that I've received your hand but everyday in a corner of my blog I'll update the list of the received hands. My goal is to get as many hands as possible to compose a big fresco for our friend. Do not embroider, do not embellish , do not collect anything, I really insist about this !!!!!
In order to get a beautiful fresco I need various fabrics and colors. And so there will be a sort of unit, power and sense of whole coming from this work. Do not try to distinguish with your name, adding pearls or anything else, there is no need to line it too, it is really necessary that the hand is in accordance with the other. And above all do it as soon as possible.
Somehow the only freedom is the choice of fabric and color. For example for my hand I've chosen a fabric of my favorite colors. No matter the quality of the fabric, no matter whether it is new or used, what counts is to understand this project and to participate for the pleasure of doing it. Those who want to show their hands on their blogs, explaining for example their choice of materials and colors, and perhaps this will allow other quilters to add their hands to ours.
Come on then, help me to demonstrate that the virtuality of our relations is based on the reality of our friends.
And if you have any questions ask here on the comments of this post I'll reply so that everyone can take advantage from them.
I'll count on you and your friendship. A big thanks in advance!

It only takes 5 minutes and the cost of first class postage.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Bourdeilles Vide Grenier

Tis the season to be thrifty.

Spend your Euros wisely!


This caught my eye today. Not bad for 9€

Cheese Plates



An Amish roof perhaps?

Amish Roof !

Gate handle
Gate Handle

Friday, 4 April 2008

A Finish!

Well 2 actually.

One here.

And here's the other.

Tamzin's Quilt

I am soooo pleased this is finished. It has been my bete noir since goodness only knows when.

There are bumps all over the place, the stitching is not consistent (I changed needles 3 times) and sometimes I didn't hit the backing with the stitches. When I squared it up the cutter slipped and I lost some of the backing near the bottom. Then I cut the binding too small and instead of replacing it, decided to make do. Bottom left hand corner has been patched! Putting on the sleeve last night was a nightmare. I was tired, but I was not going to go to bed until it was finished.

It's done and that's what counts.

Tamzin you can put it in the cellar if you want to :-)