Monday, 24 May 2010

Liberating Miss Jane

The current topic of conversation on the Liberated Quilters Yahoo! group is liberating "That Quilt".

We're thinking about doing a swap, or perhaps each making a liberated Baby Jane quilt.

If you were to liberate "Miss Jane", what block would you choose and how would you liberate it?

Wendy at Inky Threads has already liberated some of the blocks.  You can see the first one here.

This could be an interesting idea for another Challenge, similar to Tonya's Amish one.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Alive and Kickin'

I'm back!

Had a really great time in the UK.   Lots of walking, eating and talking.  Catching up with relatives, shopping AND hitting the charity shops (thrift stores for you guys in the US).  Bought so many books I had to leave most of my winter clothes with Mum so I could get everything else back :-)

I finally made it to Doughty's in Hereford and spent a happy couple of hours perusing and fondling some gorgeous fabrics.  I was bowled over by the choice and it took ages to decide what to buy and what to leave behind.  I could have happily bought up their entire stock of solids.

Finally decided on these.

The black with red, white and yellow stripes is a huge night shirt I picked up in a charity shop in Kent.  I so surprised that the shirts in these shops were so expensive.  £5.00 each!  However, I found two priced up at £2.00 - that's more like it!  This one and and a blue, red and white checked plaid which is in the wash.  There must be at least a metre in the night shirt.

I've created a Picasa album of photos I took whist on holiday.  Keep popping back as more will be added over the weekend.

Oohhh - I nearly forgot.  I travelled by TGV and Eurostar to the UK and had 3 hours to kill in Paris.  I finally managed to meet up with Will. We met outside Tissus Reine (the only place I could remember from my trip to see Tonya) and had the most gorgeous lunch at a lovely restaurant nearby.  Funnily enough Tonya and I also ate there!

We chatted for ages about all sorts of things - quilting, fabric, lliving in France, specifically Paris - and I've gained another lovely quilting friend.  Quilting friends really are the best!

I'm stilll unpacking and washing so will pop back soon.  I've got a few projects up my sleeve so watch this space!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Spanish Window Shopping

Whilst on holiday we managed to get across the border into Spain, more specifically Figueres. We had intended to visit the Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum, but the queue was miles long and the girls weren't at all interested. They were more interested in window shopping, which is what we did.

Gorgeous purses and wallets.  Can't you just smell that leather!

Lovely teapots (pas moins cher!)

More expensive tea pots - I love the display

The Spanish girls obviously have a thing about hairdryers!