Thursday, 27 March 2008

We have borders

I rustled up 2 long strips of piano keys, sewed one of them on. The consenus of opinion was too much. Off they came.

So here we are.

Crumbs from my table 2

It's gone into the flimsey bag. I really must get my head round unpicking that batting.

Got another project going at the moment.


Friday, 21 March 2008

Spring? Really?

I don't think so.

It's blowing a gale out there, rain is lashing against the windows, the satellite dish is pixelating and snow is forecast for Easter Monday.

Look at this. Brrrrrr!


So ladies, I need your help to get me through what is going to be a weekend (and probably next week too) confined to barracks.

I've hit an impasse. Where do I go next?

Crumb Quilt

It's the top and bottom border I've got a problem with.  I thought I'd use the crumbly cabins and they look awful.  I suppose red again, but as this is scrappy and crumbly I wanted something different.  On the other hand, if it is going to be the size of the design wall then I can put red top and bottom and add some crumbly cabins as another border, but then again I'm probably making more work for myself.

Trouble is I've got 5 cabins made up and another 2 in the making, not to mention some crumbly strips that I've put together.

Can one tie and hand quilt on the same quilt?  Tie the middle and hand quilt the borders.

Oh decisions.

DH has got a rendez vous with the heart specialist this afternoon so we're going into Périgueux.  I need to do some serious shop hunting.  My lovely QS has closed down!!!!!!!!!!!!  The one in Thiviers has too and the small, expensive one in Périgueux centre has gone over to cross stitch notions - not one FQ in sight - I suppose they might have perle 8 now though.
What is a girl to do (sob).

I've just had a nice thought - brocante season starts on Easter Monday - wooooooo hooooooo!  I suppose DH and Alex will be sitting in the car while I get soaking wet and cold.

Oh the computer went belly up again, hence my silence.  I *think* we are up and running again.

Happy Easter.  Wrap up warm if you are in Europe.


Friday, 14 March 2008

I'm back .......

and the secret is out. Most of you guessed where I was going. Well, it was pretty obvious wasn't it.

I'm all quilted out. Talk, talk, talk, read, read, read, walk, walk, walk and more talk, talk,talk and I got to read Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking, Liberated Strings and Collaborative Quilting, not to mention loads of other books and magazines. Tonya gave me some gorgeous fabric for Quilts4 Leukaemia. Photo soonest.

Pere Lechaise

Weather was not on its best behaviour, but we did manage to get some walking in and I wandered off on my own and walked my feet off!

More as and when.


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sewing like mad and nice things :-)

Oh crumbs. Is it getting big or what. I can't seem to stop. I had a good idea though. What do you think of this? The Crumbs on one side and the Crumbly Cabins on t'other. A reversible quilt.

Crumbs from my Table

Those blues have been glaring at me from their box so I'm going to stop making crumbs and start cutting. I've joined Tonya's Lazy Gal Summer Class to get me going and give me some inspiration. After all I can't sew crumbs forever LOL.

The postman arrived about half an hour ago.

From Nicolette

Wonder what's inside that box wrapped up in tissue paper.

Oh Wow - gorgeous beautiful dyed fabrics. Nicolette - thank you so so much. They are beautiful and I know exactly what I going to use those blues for.

From Nicolette 2

Wait! There's more under that tissue paper. Oh double wow!

Nicolette's Blocks

Nicolette, my dear dear friend, they are truly beautiful. Thank you so very very much.

I've got to get packing. I can't sit here all day chatting so I'll see you this time next week, or may be earlier. Who can tell *VBG*

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Not a lot of quilting going on

Alex is on holiday, complaining bitterly that she is bored, bored, bored. What's new.

Last week we went up to Angouleme looking for Converse. DS-D had promised Alex a pair as part of her Christmas and birthday presents. She's been looking for ages in the UK, but none of them have been the right colour. We decided to start looking over here - a bit more expensive but at least we knew they would fit AND, most importantly, they were the right ones. Angouleme did not have the right ones - well they did, but not in her size. I've never walked round a town so many times looking for shoe shops "just in case". However, I did come across these.

Restaurants in Angouleme

which when zoomed in on looks like this

Restaurants in Angouleme

Turned round and opposite was this

Restaurants in Angouleme


Restaurants in Angouleme

And then, would you believe, this!

Roof Terrace in Angouleme

I'm serious - this is for real!  Can you imagine entertaining your friends, sitting on this balcony having an aperitif or digestif and every passer-by watching you!

Got a lot of things to do between now and Monday next when I am off on my jaunt.  I hope to upload towards the end of this week the latest progess on Crumbs from my Table, which, even if I say so myself, is looking good after a bit of re-arranging.

Yes.  We did find her some Converse in the end.  Nontron of all places came up truhpim2223.jpgmps!