Wednesday, 23 April 2008

WiP Wednesday : 23-04-2008

I've managed to get some computer time while the girls are still in bed (it's nearly 11.30 a.m!)

They are spending their days chatting on MSN and updating their blogs every few minutes.

I took this sneaky picture yesterday afternoon - they'll kill me if they find out.

Les Filles!

Alex is on the left and that's Magali on the right

Right - on to what's happening in the sewing corner this week.

Remember Ab Fab? The fabric I got at Riberac Brocante last year.
Ab Fab

And here is the bit I've quilted close up.

Close up of Ab Fab

I'm really quite pleased with myself.   Stitches are getting smaller and more even.  I've got 3 different needles on the go - a size 10 quilting needle for normal quiltilng thread, a bigger one for 3 stranded floss and one for the perle 8.  My stitches vary in size depending what needle I'm using, but I'm pleased with it, even though it's still a bit bumpy.  The baptist fans went a bit off course - I'm trying to do these literally free hand with no markings

My project for Tonya's Summer Class is going well too AND I'm piecing together Quilt No. 7 over at the Qs4L blog.

Taking the girls into Perigueux for the afternoon and hoping to get into one of the QS's.  I have decided I really do need the very long Omigrid ruler.

Donc, a+


Cheri said...

Oh, Clare! It's looking great! I remember that fabric -- who could forget it? ;-)

Screen door said...

Clare, I love this--- Definitely one for the art gallery when you become famous :).

nicolette said...

Remember it. Yep! Love it, just love it! Your handquilting looks fabulous. Love the wall too!

Fiona said...

Wow, Ab Fab is looking fantastic. You can truly call yourself a quilt artist.

Holly said...

It's really looking great! It's going to be gorgeous.

michael5000 said...

Holy cow, it looks great! You SHOULD be proud of yourself!

jude said...

this is amazing. i really like what you are doing here!

lisajo said...

Wow...thats lovely!

Im a little stalled out on my quilt for Tonyas Summer quilt class (and also trying to finish a few other projects in the meantime), so i hope to get back on track soon!

Your work is inspiring! :)


p.s. thanks for stopping by my site...i love to meet new people :)