Thursday, 28 February 2008

Crumbs Mania

Crumbs Mania

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Nearly back to normal.

In between rebuilding computers and generally
pulling out what hair I've got left, this is what
I've been doing.

I thought I said I was going to do one small
central square, then a border, then log cabins and
then letters. Forget the last bit! One ever
growing square, small border and then cabins (in
fact it's grown since this photo!).

It's gone from being a table runner/cloth to a big
grown up wall hanging. DH loves it!

Google Reader has well over 250 blog entries to read
so I've marked them all as read and am starting
from scratch, which will account for not leaving
any comments, or returning the complement - sorry :-(


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

An Interlude

An Interlude

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Big computer problems. I've had to reformat the
hard disk and reload everything. Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last
post and sorry I haven't been able to reply to
them all. I will do as soon as I can. In the
meantime, mistletoe on friends trees taken a
couple of weeks ago.

Hope to resume normal service as soon as possible.


Friday, 22 February 2008

Madame Printemps Arrivée

I'm not too sure how this is going to work out.
I'm sending this via email/Flickr.

Yesterday was glorious. The walk to the bus in
the morning did not require a torch or a coat and
I could smell Spring. The birds were singing and
the sun was pouring through the Velux in the bedroom.

Max temperature was in the top teens Celsius

Today is going to be just as gorgeous.

Alex breaks up today for the 2 week winter break
so my computer time is going to be cut to a
minimum :-)

Right - here goes. Let's see if it appears.

Well it did - 3 times!

So here are the photos in one post. Hope your RSS feeds weren't upset.

How Green is your Leaf?
Madame Nellie Moser has decided to make an appearance
Shy Mademoiselle Violet peeking out from behind the Bee Orchid leaves
Cherry Blossom
Bold Madame Cerise showing off
The original boulangerie in our courtyard
Sunset on the cottage in our courtyard.
This was the boulangerie for the hamlet many years ago.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

I like this!!!

Blog hop over to Quilts 4 Leukamia and take a look at the sidebar.

If you have made blocks, are making blocks, would like to make blocks, have donated fabric or bought a gift certificate from Quilters Quarter, then add yourself to the map which is at the bottom of the blog by clicking on the BuddyMap icon in the sidebar.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Crumbs from my Table

Which is what the crumbs quilt is going to be called.

I was lying in bed this morning looking at all the blocks and I've decided to turn this into a table runner/cloth.  Not really my sort of thing, but the design wall is roughly the same size as our coffee table and, most importantly, it will be hell to quilt because of all the seams.

Crumbs from my Table

I'm going to make that central block bigger and put a small border round it.  Then I'm going to make up another border of log cabin crumbs, then a small border - say an inch wide - and then "crumbs from my table" and then bind, or possibly another small border, but I think by then it will be huge!

How on earth do people manage to quilt these type of quilts with loads and loads of seams.

I'll be back tomorrow with some spring photos - the violets are out, the cherry is just about to come into blossom and the rosemary bush has got a blue tinge to it.

Note to self - change the white sheet on the design wall.  That photo is awful!

That's better!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

I've Cut It!!!!!!! (or a Housewarming Party)

I cut into it. I did. I really did. I've been saving it up for ages and ages, taking it out, looking at it, ironing out the creases and refolding it. It's been in my stash ever since The Great Fabric Find. If you look at the link, its the first photo top left.

This is what it looks like now.

Liberty Lawn

I cut it up for Bonnie's Housewarming Party, which is being organised by Tonya. This is my contribution.

Bonnie's House

If you haven't done any wonky work before, now's your chance to say a big thank you to Bonnie.

Alex has just walked in and I've still got a web search to do for train tickets. I'm off on a jaunt next month and, no, I'm not telling you where I'm going *s*.

That's yer lot until next week. Have a good weekend and I hope the weather picks up for all of you across The Pond.

Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments.

7 Things

Here we go again.  Tracey has tagged me for the 7 things meme.  How many times have I done this?  Every time I get tagged I swear I won't do it, but Tracey sounded so insistent in her mail so I could hardly refuse ;-)

OK, so here we go.


1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post THE RULES on your blog.

3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Done 1 and 2 so here's 3

  1. I was born left handed. When I started at school the nun's made me use my right hand. I am slightly ampidextrous and even now can never be too sure whether to use my left or right hand.  Perhaps that accounts for Unco-ordinated Clare who can't cut in a straight line

  2. I adore Labrador dogs.  We used to have one when I was younger.  She died when I was 14.

  3. Cats, especially Siamese, run a close second to Labradors.  Perhaps that's because we had Siamese cats too!

  4. I never ever throw a book away.  I might give them away or swap them (mostly Chick Lit),  but I'll never throw one away.  In fact, I treasure them and only lend if the person promises to return them.  I lent my copies of Malory's Morte d'Arthur to someone once - never got them back!

  5. I  love swimming - can't wait for the pool to be opened - though funnily enough don't like indoor pools.  I get claustrophobic and my eyes hate the chlorine.

  6. I wear glasses - have done since my early 20's.  I can't wear contacts - my prescription is not a "contacts" one.

  7. Wooo hooo - I've started reading proper books again.  No more chick lit stuff.  That is definitely a wonderful thing!

I'm not going to tag 7 people so if you are reading this YOU'RE IT

Something odd is going on - this won't wrap properly so please excuse the odd formatting.  I think it's Wordpress cos it doesn't matter which browser I use, it does it anyway.  

Anyone else having problems? 

UPDATE - I think it was the template.  Please excuse me while I redecorate :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

View From My Kitchen Window

Tonya posed the question "What's outside your kitchen window?"

This was taken Sunday morning.
View from my kitchen window

That orange blob is a chasseur/hunter waiting for the rest of the chasseurs/hunters to flush out a sanglier/wild boar.  They didn't have much luck!  He was there for hours.  There was another chasseur in the woods which are out of sight to the right and another 3 in the field on the horizon where the telegraph pole is.  They encircled a huge area.  There were a couple of really loud gun shots and then yelping from the dogs.  A bloodhound ran across the fields at the top and disappeared into the woods top left.

Mr. le chasseur stayed sitting for about an hour and then got up and went off for his lunch!

So what's outside your kitchen window?

Monday, 11 February 2008

Facebook Scrabulous

Tazzie and I are playing Scrabulous on Facebook.  Are there any other quilters out there with a Facebook ID who would like to make up a team?

Friday, 8 February 2008

From Crumbs to Scraps to .................

The state of the ironing board this morning


Running out of ironing space *VBS*

And this is what they are turning into

Crumbs to Cabins

Oooopppppss. Been so carried away by the crumbs that the red and white hearts quilt is still waiting to be basted *sigh*.

These were irresistable yesterday.

Green Green Green

Gorgeous, beautiful, beautiful sunshine here at long last.

Do you remember when I mentioned the Grues flying south back in October? Well, the day before yesterday I heard and saw the first lot going back north to Holland. Bit early don't you think, considering I mentioned the same thing way back in March last year. Global warming perhaps?

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Chasing the Blue's Away

I've been in a bit of a rut over the last few days.  Some lovely sunny days, but we have had our fair share of high winds and rain and rain and rain.  Enough to drive a woman crazy!

To try to cheer myself up I thought I'd attack the crumbs basket.

A pile of crumbs

Out of some of that lot I put this together.

A Crumbs Block

I'm trying to teach myself Leaders and Enders and Bonnie's style of crumb busting.  I can't seem to get the hang of the Leaders and Enders, but I expect I'll get there in the end.

 On to the title of this post.  I went through all the bins and dug out as much blue fabric as I could find.

My Blue's

I've got an idea brewing, but I need to replenish my stock of blue and white thread. 

Alex is packing for her ski-ing trip.  06.30 am departure from the school tomorrow.  Guess who has been nominated to drop her off and pick her up next Saturday at 2.00 am!