Friday, 11 April 2008

Odds and ends (updated)

Haven't really got much to show off at the moment.

Connection speed is diabolical and I'm having difficulty uploading photos to Flickr, so here is a photo of what is on the wall at the moment.


That mess on the left is my project for Tonya's Lazy Gal Summer Class. Don't seem to be progressing very fast. I'm thinking of using Tracey's Free Pieced Roses between and around the words. Either that or stars. Not at all sure. What do you think I should do?

Top right was meant to be a wonky tree for the same project, but it looks like a cross between a house and a mushroom. Most of my rejects are made into pot holders and sent over to my mother and that is where this one was going, but when I had finished we decided to keep it and hang it somewhere.

Bottom right is Bellatrix who has now got a border.

The connection seems to have sped up and Flickr has behaved itself so here are some more photos.

I received a package yesterday from the UK. I knew that Anne had promised me one of her heart quilts in exchange for some fabric, but she hadn't shown it on her blog so I had no idea what to expect.

I Heart Hearts

Isn't it gorgeous!

The envelope was huge. Why on earth would she need such a big envelope for such a little quilt.

This is why.

(no subject)

Scraps and crumbs and scraps and crumbs. Wooo hooo. I feel another Bonnie crumb quilt coming on.

Have a good weekend.



Juliann said...

I really like the tree. I want to make some of them but I also want to finish up my teacups - just too few hours in a day.

Lily said...

Isn't Anne wonderful? :) There are so many fabulous women blogging around the world :)

Bellatrix is a bit scary! Hope you are not feeling 'blue' :)

nicolette said...

I think you should make some stars, wonky Perigordian night sky stars!
Wonderful quilt you received from Anne and all those fabric scraps!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Holly said...

Wooowhooo! Aren't packages fun.

Hedgehog said...

Just love your little quilt! I will post a photo of my purple one l got from Anne last today! Have fun with the scraps!!