Sunday, 6 April 2008

Bourdeilles Vide Grenier

Tis the season to be thrifty.

Spend your Euros wisely!


This caught my eye today. Not bad for 9€

Cheese Plates



An Amish roof perhaps?

Amish Roof !

Gate handle
Gate Handle


Cheri said...

Oh, your plates are fun! And the scenery is beautiful -- bet you see lots of wonderful architectural details in addition to that delightful roof.

nicolette said...

Who would not love plates with cows. What a wonderful bounty! Thanks for the Perigordian goodness again.

Tracey said...

Gorgeous photos, Tracey

Lily said...

Clare the plates are very cute and vewy Fwench!

If you want to see some truly marvellous rooftops, get ye down to Dijon and Beaune (the other side of the country of course) - just superb!

Rebel said...

It really is the little things.. so beautiful!