Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Day the Earth Shook

One ruler with some dark blue FQ's to finish my Lazy Gal project.

I'm on a high - very big high!

After writing yesterday's post the postman arrived. He delivered a big box from America.

I couldn't for the life of me think what it was. Had I won a giveaway (highly unlikely as I never do!), or had I ordered something online and forgotten about it (again not likely).

The Customs declaration form said it was a book. What on earth????? I'm sure I hadn't ordered anything recently. The Euro/Dollar/Sterling thing has put a stop to that!

Only one thing for it - start opening it! Now who do I know who lives in WI? Only Finn and I know she hasn't sent me anything and the name does look vaguely familiar. Questions, questions, questions. Start ripping and let's see what's inside.

Loads of bubblewrap. Whatever it is , it must be precious.

Screams, yells, jumping up and down - the family came rushing thinking I'd hurt myself.


It's from Kathie at Threadlines.

Her card says
"I happened upon a bargain priced copy of this book a couple of weeks ago. I already owned a copy; what to do with this new book?

I decided it belonged to someone who really wanted a copy and was unlikely to find one where she lived. "Someone" suggested you."

That "someone" received a phone call yesterday from a very incoherent me. Sorry Tonya - I probably wasn't making much sense!

Kathie - you are one of life's nice people. Thank you so very very very much. I still can't believe I now own this book and have to keep making sure it's actually on the table.

On that note - the sun is shining - for the first time it's warm - I've got a patio to pressure wash and Gwen Marston and Liberated Quiltmaking is going to have to wait until afternoon tea time, but I'll probably keep on popping into the kitchen to make sure it's still here!

Donc, A+


Paula said...

I am constantly amazed at the kindness of quilters! So glad that you have the book now...can't wait to see what inspires you and what you make from it!

Cheri said...

What a wonderful surprise!! Such a thoughtful gift, so totally unexpected -- the very best kind of gift to get. Have a great time!

Tazzie said...

Ohhh what a wonderful treat you received. I adore Kathie, it's no surprise at all that she was so generous. Enjoy the book.

Kathie said...

Believe me--it was my pleasure. It was SO hard to mail it and be patient for its arrival. I couldn't wait to hear your reaction. LOL! Have fun!

joyce said...

How lucky to have friends like that!!!

nicolette said...

Wonderful Clare, enjoy this unexpected gift, it could not have found a better liberated place to live!

Fiona said...

I've been wondering all day what the surprise was ... now that's one gift that the giver knows is really appreciated. Don't stay up too late poring over the pages!

Annie said...

you are a lucky girl!! Enjoy this treasure!

Sue in western WA said...

Woohoo! Lucky you! You're gonna have so much fun :- )

Tonya R said...

KathieB is definitely a sweetie and it's so wonderful that you now have a copy of your own. woohooo!!! and happy to see you got your ruler too - that should definitely help with the stitching!

Michele said...

Absolutely, totally, and completely fabulous! I have been scouring e-bay, Craig's List, use book stores, thrift name no avail. Now, I know that miracles are possible and maybe someday, I'll get one of my own! book store, next thrift shop. Hey, I am THRILLED for you, truly!!! hugs, Michele in Salem Oregon

Holly said...

How wonderful, Clare! Unexpected packages are the best. I could *feel* your joy and excitement through the words on my screen. Looking forward to seeing what inspires you.

Lily said...

I can feel your excitement coming off my monitor Clare!

And the quilt you're making from that piece of fabric is going to be a stunner. What size needle are you using for the Perle 8?

Andrea said...

Hurray ! What a lovely surprise. I think it's definitely gone to the right home.

Karol-Ann said...

Hi Clare, just found your blog properly through Hedgehog. I've been discussing this book with someone on BQL. I believe it's very good and can't wait to see what you make from it.