Saturday, 26 January 2008

Seeing Spots

Went shopping yesterday and look what I found!


Oh joy of joys - a chalk wheel.

I'm "collecting" fabric for my next project and found this FQ in the same shop. They only sell patchwork "coupons" and with 20% off at the moment I think I'll have to go back and get the other 4!

This is what I've been up to over the last week.



Just 4 corner stones and the top and bottom borders to do and then it's on its way to its new owner in New Zealand.

Is it me, or are my photos looking pixellated?

Monday, 21 January 2008

woooo hooooo - sun!

For Anne who likes Daffodils, especially Tonya who needs sun and Finn who wants some colour.

Yesterday was glorious!  My banner says it all!

And if you don't like creepy crawlies don't scroll down!


He/she/it was found in the pool yesterday.


Saturday, 19 January 2008

Les Soldes Encore et How to Attract Attention to Your Blog

Here's some more. I think this is the last of it, but if I find anymore rest assured I'll upload a picture.


On to the second part of the heading.

Tonya wrote yesterday about a Blogger on her Lazy Gal Winter Class who is trying to attract attention to her blog. Apart from Tonya's very sound advice on making sure you are not on no-reply and people can respond to your comments, the other way is to join one of the web rings, often listed in people's side bars.

Some are invitation only - like Maverick Quilters - some aren't.  The ones listed below are open.

To join the Stashbusters web ring you have to be a member of the Stashbusters' Yahoo! Group. Don't confuse this Stashbusters ring with the one run by Judy L. That one is invitation only.

The Quilting For Fun web ring is now closed, but Swooze has set up another one - More Quilting For Fun. She also runs the Stashbusters' ring.

I think the Design Studio one is still open too.

You can join via the links in the left hand side bar.

Of course, another way of attracting attention is to be positively blatant and make sure that every email you send out has the link to your blog at the bottom!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Les Soldes (or a give away)

I'm clearing out bins - I've emptied one only to fill it up again with possible backing fabrics.

So I've got some stuff to give away or swap.

When I started quilting I collected/bought/acquired flowery fabrics. Now my tastes and quilt ideas/designs have changed and I've got this lot to get rid of. It's mostly old dresses/skirts that I thought I may use. Some of it is Laura Ashley and there is a bit of Liberty Lawn in there too.

It's been sitting in the bin for well over a year so instead of storing it for another few years you can have it.

Leave a comment saying what you want, if any, and it's yours. This is on a first to comment gets it basis.

There may be more to come - I haven't finished going through the bins. I'm sure there is some more of that pink and blue flowery one (top left) somewhere.


The dark blue and pink flower one (top right) is Laura Ashley and like Liberty Lawn - thin.

The grey/green gingham type fabric is slightly seer sucker'ish so don't know if it's of any use to anyone. Anne or Fiona perhaps? Or even Bonnie!?!

First Finish of 2008

One side


 and the other.


Please excuse the mess in the top left hand corner - DH's meds and HP6!  Would you believe that this is nearly 2 metres long!  Mum's dining table is in 3 sections and this is made for when the second section is in position.  It's not as wide as it is supposed to be, but I think it will be ok.

 To finish - I'm practising wonky hearts.


 Alex asked me last night if I  could make her a quilt of hearts.  All in good time!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Are you a Hippie?

You're Not Exactly a Hippie...

While you're not a hippie, you've got the spirit of one.
Like most hippies, you have deep beliefs and unusual interests.You may not buy into hippie fashions, music, or heavy drug use.But at heart, you are a free spirit and suspicious of the status quo.

As seen on Joyce's blog - I thought I'd see if I've changed over the years. Obviously I have!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

WiP Wednesday : 16-01-2008

Whoops!  Haven't done one of these for ages as I haven't really had that much to show.  Bit of a quilting blip in the Dordogne Quilter house over the last few weeks.

I've been plugging away at Lucky Day and have managed to get past the "always" which seemed to be causing a block.


This word has been my bête noir since I started piecing the quilt.  It was "always" where I ran out of material and it was "always" which caused the quilting problem in November.  However, I'm past it now and hopefully the jinx is lifted.

Can someone please please remind me that Coats & Clarke lovely varigated purple thread does not show up on this fabric just in case I try to use it again.  Neither do the marks for the fans.  I delved down into the depths of my sewing box and found some old tailor's chalk which, if licked and then I press really hard, shows up.  You can see it on the right.

As I type this, it is pouring with rain and is a horrible dark and miserable day.  Do you remember this back  in March 2007? The stream in the picture is back with avengence.  Nothing there yesterday - today a torrent.  If you don't hear from me for weeks it's because we've been washed away!


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Bit Less Hair But Still Here (just!)

It's been an arrrrrgggghhhh week so far. Despite the optimism of last week and the get up and go feel to the New Year, things have gone steadily down hill.

Dearest ISP has decided I don't exist and won't let me connect :-( and Google Reader has been mucking about and I haven't been able to read my blogs - when I can connect that is! Customer Service/Technical man is useless. I'm sure he's in India or some far flung country. He sounded as if he was in a tunnel!

Last Friday was my [mimble, mimble] birthday and DH was persuaded to go to one of the quilt shops in Périgueux after the weekly grocery shop. I decided it's time to branch into brights - lovely bright brights - lovely hit you in the eye and wham! brights.

Here is the first foray.


I pounced on the blue in the remnant basket and looked up and down the long table in the shop that is jammed packed with fabric. Right at the top of the table I saw a 20% off sign - woo hooo - not a lot, but enough for a mini splurge! Half a metre of each and 20 Euros later. Not bad!

Whilst trundling up and down the aisles at the local huge Auchan hypermarché I spotted the first Tulips of the year. Sooooooo, thinking of Finn's recent post about the long winter days and how much we need colour during these drab, dark days, these found their way into the trolley. Specially for Finn to cheer her up.


Yesterday was a drum roll day - da dar!


One design wall - up and in use!

Guess whose heart is whose? I think you'll be able to guess Anne's and possibly Jen's. There are hearts here from Australia, UK, Italy, the US and, of course, Finland. What would I do without Jen. Every single quilt has had a Hedgehog block or 2 in it.

Off into Perigueux again - this week we seem to be going in every day and this time it's not because of DH's nose! Shop until you drop week!


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Goals for 2008


None!  None whatsoever!  Just live life as it comes.

Well, I suppose I do have one goal - to expand my quilting horizons a bit.  Be more adventurous I suppose.  I ought to try my hand at machine quilting and perhaps a bit of appliqué, but we shall see what occurs.  No pressure.  No need to do it if I don't want to.

Finish what I've started and keep on trucking - yeah - I suppose that sums it up.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I "heart" red and white hearts

I'm putting together the 7th Red and White Quilts 4 Leukaemia quilt and have decided to make this one all heart!


I've now run out!

Is there anyone out there who is going to be kind enough to refill the red and white heart blocks bag with applique hearts, crazy quilting hearts, wonky hearts, any hearts?

If you comment in the affirmative I'll PM you with further details.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

First post of 2008


Found in a church on our New Year's Eve walk.  I think it's seen better days, but the colours are still vibrant.