Sunday, 23 July 2006

Blue Jean Windows Update

Haven't posted for a few days as Puter threw a wobbly when I tried to install my new HP printer. Anyway, it is back from the "hospital" now and I am back in the land of the living. It has been sooooo hot here over the last 10 days or so that I have been catching up on BJW. Sitting in the kitchen with the windows, shutters and doors firmly closed against the heat and all the sewing stuff spread all over the kitchen table has been great. I got a lot done and am on the home stretch for the top layer. However, I have been really really stupid on this one and haven't thought it through properly. One block turns out to be upside down, but that is a Clare trademark now (LOL) so I'm not going to unpick it again! I did the central square and worked outwards from that. Stupid thing to do! Any normal person would have looked at the design and worked horizontally. Oh no, not me. I have to do it the difficult way and have now got 2 massive vertical strips to sew either side of the central block. Doh! Good job the kitchen table is long enough! Still mega busy. However, will upload some more pictures and stuff soon. Stay happy and keep cool.

Friday, 14 July 2006

Alexandra and her Menagerie

Not a lot going on on the quilt front so to brighten up my blog, here are some photos of Alexandra and the animals.
Alex showing off on top the hay bales.
Magic (left) and Podge deciding what mischief to get up to next whilst having an after supper wash.
Alex's pride and joy. This is Nutmeg who was rescued "from the pot", is now 6 years old and eats everything from plastic boxes to wellington boots to jeans!

Monday, 10 July 2006


Oh Zizou! How could you? By the way - what exactly did Matterazi say?

Sunday, 9 July 2006

What Flower Are You?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

La Tour et Le Foot

Oh dear. Not very good at keeping abreast of all the sporting events. Hubby is downstairs watching the Wimbledon men's final. There is also La Tour on, which, disgracefully, I haven't watched one bit of, and then there is the World Cup final tonight which I, along with all the rest of France, will be watching (probably from behind the sofa). I want to watch La Tour when they go up the Alps but have no idea whatsoever when it is on, or even if I have missed it. Doh! Tonya - I believe they shot through Bordeaux which is the nearest they have ever got to chez nous. Talking of t.v. Any Dr Who followers out there? Did you watch last evening's episode. I was in floods! A+

Quilts for Leukaemia

Just popping my head up. Sophie rang this morning and the conversation got round to this subject. There is no rush at the moment. I have decided I couldn't bear to part with BJW so will think up another design and, anyway, haven't really got the time right now to make anything. Once the summer is over, the guests have crawled back into the woodwork and Alex goes back to school then I should have more time to devote to this subject. In the meantime, we were thinking of setting up an E Bay account and auctionning the quilts on there. Sophie is looking into the in's and out's of this and has already starting talking to her mate at Leukaemia Research. Pippa - thanks. We will liaise in September.

Monday, 3 July 2006

A lot going on so ..............

Lots of stuff happening over the next 2/3 weeks so this could be my last post for some weeks. We have the annual school walk on Thursday which promises to be a good one so will try to take some pics of the local chateau and the surrounding countryside for you all. Friday is Alex's last day at primary school so I shall be at the school gates at the end of the day to say au revoir to the teachers, etc. Then it is all hands on deck for the yearly Worthy tidy up prior to the Viveurs/Dreamers summer meet at the end of July (about 20 people staying over this year!). In between all this I hope to be able to make a start on a Tonya House. I found a couple of rather wonky picture frames in the "dump room" the other day and they gave me an idea. Full of ideas at the moment and not enough time to transfer them all onto paper. Oh and we are hopefully off to spend some time in the Alps in August. We have a 2 week break in between gite changes so are going to take off and see a bit more of France. A bientot!