Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer is Coming to an End

and I'm feeling really guilty at not keeping my blog up to date.

What a summer it has been!

It started in April with TYO deciding she wanted to go to the ECE in Lyon so we had to spend a night and a day in Bordeaux so she could sit the entrance exam.

When the results came through about a month later she had been accepted on the Liste Principle! Top marks!

Huge celebrations!

Then she decided it wasn't for her and opted for a place at Bordeaux Uni 2 reading Sociology. About turn!

So how she's going to Bordeaux. Luckily one of her best friends is going to the same Uni so they've found a stunning flat in Meriadeck, which is really centre ville, and us parents have been getting together and deciding who buys what and who is going to pay for the various bills.

Then, of course, France being France there was the paperwork. Days and days spent on the computer filling in grant forms online,waiting for them to be sent to various email addresses so they could be printed off, attach the numerous attachments (don't ask!) and sent back to the office by snail mail.

Then wait. And wait. And wait. Biting finger nails syndrome!


And so TYO starts at Uni on 9 September. We move all the furniture in to the flat next Sunday and the girls move in the following Wednesday.

I've also been cleaning holiday homes which involves massive cleaning on a Saturday, followed by mega washing of bed linen and towels, followed by ironing Every Thing!

After all of that I may, just may, be able to get back to my sewing machine. I walk through my sewing room every day to get to the computer and I'm missing it.

Lets wait and see.