Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Some Stashbuilding and a WiP

I'm busy getting ready for a quick trip back to the UK on Thursday for a few days to help a friend move her belongings back to France.

I'm planning on seeing Viv on Friday as she lives about 8 miles away from where I'm staying and we are hoping to get a bit of retail therapy in here.

In the meantime, the brocante season has started again and I managed to pick up this for hardly anything on Sunday.

Roughly about a metre and a half and perfect for Quilts 4 Leukaemia quilts.

I've been diligently hand quilting away on Family.Trees.  It's way too hot in the sewing corner for piecing, but lovely and cool in the kitchen for quilting.

I'm quilting using masking tape and moving it along as I finish each line.  Unfortunately the batting isn't staying put and is bunching up.  It's only cheap stuff and I certainly won't be buying that again!  Not too sure how to proceed as I can see a huge lump all round the quilt when I've finished.

I'm pulling as I baste and when I quilt so perhaps it won't be that bad at the end.

And this is what the postman delivered yesterday!

Gorgeous batiks from Will in Paris.  I think I mentioned we met up when I went back to the UK in May.   She said she'd got some batiks which she wasn't keen on and would I like them.  Would I!  You bet!

Aren't they gorgeous.  Thanks so much Will.

Right - I had better get a move on and try to get something done with the rest of the day.  Today looks as if it is the last really hot day for a few days, which will be a relief.  I might be able to get out and tie the tomato plants up and weed the veg patch tomorrow.

I'll be back next week and will hopefully have some yummy fabric and other bits and pieces to show you.

See you soon.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Back with a Bang!

It was the iLNB which was faulty.  A new one arrived today and we are up and running again.

To celebrate being off line for 3 weeks [insert drum roll], I give you [another drum roll]

da daaa

Haunted Houses!

Back soon - got loads of catching up to do.