Saturday, 30 August 2008

What Pasta Dish Are You?

I don't normally do Blogthings, but I'm a Pasta and Italian food freak so I had to do this one:

You are Spaghetti with Meatballs

Compared to most people, you are very family focused.

You are social, but you tend to mostly socialize with those you are already close to.

You love to bond with your friends. Sharing time together is very important to you.

You are trustworthy and responsible. You like your friends knowing that they can count on you.

Friday, 29 August 2008

A finish!

Well sort of.

I don't think you'd call this a proper quilt. The border is not quilted.

I was getting so fed up with it.  I started stitching the ditch and my fingers were bleeding and aching so much with all that pushing and pulling of the needle I gave up and tied the rest of it.

When I had done the inner border I looked at it and decided the rest didn't need doing and put it to one side.  Then Finn's Challenge came along so I pulled it out and put the binding on.

This wall hanging is going to be hung in a dark corner somewhere.  Not even I, who is not afraid of the Quilt Police, would dare put this on show.

I suppose at some point way off in the future I could return to it and tie the rest of it.

However, it has got me back into the groove, I've managed to cross off one thing for Finn's Challenge and I did a few fans on Ab Fab last night - woo hoo!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Click on the link below and look out for the Amish quilt which I voted for.

Another Challenge .....

Fancy playing along?

Finn has issued a challenge.  List some of your UFO's and see if you get them finished before New Years Eve.  No pressure, no quilt police.  Just play along and have fun, which is what we like best isn't it?

Here are mine:

  1. Bind Crumbs From my Table;

  2. Add border to Haunted Houses, baste, quilt and bind;

  3. Finish Sugar Sweet Houses - piece, baste, quilt, bind;

  4. You are a Star quilt for niece to be - piece, baste, quilt, bind

  5. Quilt The Blue's quilt;

  6. Start my Fungly Challenge

  7. Try to finish Ab Fab (as if!).

I'm not including the Q4L quilts in this, so let's see what I manage to get finished by 31st December 2008!

Friday, 22 August 2008

In Summer Mode

I really don't know what's happened - just a little bit of tie quilting going on - other than that rien, zilch, nada, nothing!  I suppose its got something to do with the fact that we've been doing a lot of entertaining over the last 2 weeks, with more yet to come.

9th August Summer Bash was brilliant - best one ever.  Lots of food, wine and great company.  Oh and archery!

Just after that D-SD and her partner arrived for a few days.  A lot more alcohol, food and laughs.  Everything went flat after they left on Tuesday.

While they were here we managed to fit in one brocante and 2 vide greniers.  For once we came away empty handed.  These were at Riberac Brocante.

Very 1950's don't you think.  I love the hat stand.

I love the pattern round the base, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it so it was left for someone else.

Now what on earth do you suppose this is for?  I thought sewing leather.  It's in full working order - the stall owner was working the treadle for the onlookers;  a flick of the foot and it was off!  I would have loved to own this, but way out of my price league.

More guests arriving today, more tomorrow and then hoping that Mum and sister Soph will arrive sometime next month.  Keeping everything crossed that they will.  I haven't seen my Mum since July 2007.

On the sewing front, I'm tying Quilt No. 10 and also the Crumbs quilt.  I'm not at all happy with it.  Half is quilted, half is tied and it looks a mess!  I'm going to tie the red border and hope it looks a bit better.

En soleil encore, donc A+

Friday, 15 August 2008

More Goodies and a Woooo Hoooo

This lot recently arrived in the mail from my friend Megs in Texas.

Aren't those batiks yummy?

Now for the woo hoo.

I've been a bit busy over the last few weeks. Hence my silence and lack of quilty content (soon to be put right).

Take a look at this.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I won!

Kristin over at Knit One, Quilt Too was holding a giveaway for her 1,000'th comment - it was me!  Wooo hooo - first time I've ever won anything in blogland!

Some soap, some tea and lots of blocks to make log cabins perhaps?

Thank you Kristin - they are great!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Quilt No. 9

Quilt No. 9

Originally uploaded by dordognequilter

"Hi Clare
We all absolutely love the quilt and hope it will become a
keepsake for Terri in the future long after she can put all this behind
her. It really is beautiful. She arrived home on Saturday shortly
before we got there: Her white count is doing really well and although
she has had to go back to the hospital almost daily she is able to stay
out for now. She is on a concoction of drugs and obviously doesn't feel
well a lot of the time but was chatting and certainly glad to be home
again when we saw her. She has to have lots of tests and more chemo
over the next few months but was talking about future schooling and was
quite positive. This is particularly important given that one of her
friends died from an infection following a transplant just before Terri
had her own. My brother (her dad) took the attached photo and they are
happy for it to go on the blog.

Thank you again

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Goodies in the Mail and Street Theatre

Lots of envelopes arriving again.  Some for Quilts 4 Leukaemia and some for me!

Mum found a bagful of paper pieced hexagons at a jumble sale recently and thought I'd like them.  I know it's not really my sort of thing, but their original owner obviously put a lot of work into them so I thought I'd have a go at finishing them off!  Don't know if I can put up with all that hand sewing - these are beautifully done - but, hey, worth a try I think.

Nicolette and I did a private swap recently.  I sent her lots of flowery fabric (forgot to take a photo before I posted it off) and she sent me a metre of gorgeous orange batik.

The flowery and yellow FQ's were sent to me by non-blogger, Irene, who lives in the UK and has contributed lots of gorgeous red and white blocks.

Thanks Nicolette and Irene.

The weather is horribly hot.  I mean horribly horribly hot.  Feels like 100% humidity.  Too hot for sewing or doing anything quilty, but I have managed to do another couple of stars.  I rejected the 2 smaller ones (orphan bin :-( ) and made another couple of big ones!

I like the spikey look.

On Wednesday DH had another check up with his heart surgeon.  I took the opportunity to go in with him on our own, have a wander round Périgueux marche (some stunning colours, but alas no photos - too many people) and see if we could catch some of Mimos.

Mimos is an international mime festival held every year.  It is now in its 26th year and this year's theme is the "corps animés".

Mimos Off is the best bit - street theatre at it's best.

We only managed to catch one act as it was getting far too hot and we needed to get home.

Right, must get going - gite to clean and house to sort out - only a week to go and 25 people descending for the day !