Monday, 7 April 2008

What Colour is Your Hand?

Besoin d'un serieux coup de main

I found this in Linda's blog and on Michele's.

These instructions have been taken from Linda's blog.
Take a piece of fabric, a material or a color that reminds of you.

On the back side of the fabric trace the contour of your hand (right or left like you prefer). Then cut leaving from 5 to 8 cm for the arm. Put your hand in an envelope and send it to me,

67114 ESCHAU (France)

writing separately on a piece of sheet your name or your nickname.
Especially do not lose time writing me by e-mail to tell that you want to participate, or to explain that you could. That you have not been able to. It would be only lost time .... The time, that we need so much! There is no need of inscriptions nor confirmations, and to gain more time I leave my address:
I won't send e-mail to confirm that I've received your hand but everyday in a corner of my blog I'll update the list of the received hands. My goal is to get as many hands as possible to compose a big fresco for our friend. Do not embroider, do not embellish , do not collect anything, I really insist about this !!!!!
In order to get a beautiful fresco I need various fabrics and colors. And so there will be a sort of unit, power and sense of whole coming from this work. Do not try to distinguish with your name, adding pearls or anything else, there is no need to line it too, it is really necessary that the hand is in accordance with the other. And above all do it as soon as possible.
Somehow the only freedom is the choice of fabric and color. For example for my hand I've chosen a fabric of my favorite colors. No matter the quality of the fabric, no matter whether it is new or used, what counts is to understand this project and to participate for the pleasure of doing it. Those who want to show their hands on their blogs, explaining for example their choice of materials and colors, and perhaps this will allow other quilters to add their hands to ours.
Come on then, help me to demonstrate that the virtuality of our relations is based on the reality of our friends.
And if you have any questions ask here on the comments of this post I'll reply so that everyone can take advantage from them.
I'll count on you and your friendship. A big thanks in advance!

It only takes 5 minutes and the cost of first class postage.


Michele said...

What a beautiful hand you have, my dear! But...Clare, dear Clare....when we click on your comments on our own blogs...we are transported to your old blog and not your new blog. You truly must like travels and journeys because you are providing all of us with one ;)

Rebel said...

Wow - that'll be an interesting finished project!

teodo said...

Wonderful fabric for a wonderful hand.
ciao ciao

Holly said...

This is really interesting. I'm curious what her end result will be like.

Cheri said...

Hi, Clare --
Did you just make a post called "Odds and Ends"? It shows up in my Google Reader but I get an error message on your blog and can't find it here. Read it on the reader, and since you said you had trouble posting, I thought I'd alert you.

Finn said...

Hi Clare, what fun fabric for your hand *VBS* And it does sound like an interesting idea he has. Can'twait to see the fresco.
Wanted to say how much I am enjoying your pictures, in the post about 'time to be thrifty'...just wonderful! Hugs, Finn

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful idea.

debra said...

Many years ago, when a dear friend was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, another artist-friend asked us (and many others) to give he an outline of our hands on fabric. She incorporated all of our hands and names in a wonderful piece so that Audrey would be hugged by all of us whenever she was wrapped in it. So nice to have found your site.