Sunday, 17 February 2008

Crumbs from my Table

Which is what the crumbs quilt is going to be called.

I was lying in bed this morning looking at all the blocks and I've decided to turn this into a table runner/cloth.  Not really my sort of thing, but the design wall is roughly the same size as our coffee table and, most importantly, it will be hell to quilt because of all the seams.

Crumbs from my Table

I'm going to make that central block bigger and put a small border round it.  Then I'm going to make up another border of log cabin crumbs, then a small border - say an inch wide - and then "crumbs from my table" and then bind, or possibly another small border, but I think by then it will be huge!

How on earth do people manage to quilt these type of quilts with loads and loads of seams.

I'll be back tomorrow with some spring photos - the violets are out, the cherry is just about to come into blossom and the rosemary bush has got a blue tinge to it.

Note to self - change the white sheet on the design wall.  That photo is awful!

That's better!


Tanya said...

When you figure it out would you let me know? I'd like to make a crumb quilt too but all those seams! I know it's going to have to be machine quilted but I don't know if I can do it!

anne bebbington said...

Love the new layout Clare and the misty photo on the header is beautiful - as for crumb blocks just put together three to send with a less than wonky house to Bonnie - not my thing at all - don't care if I never make another crumb block - heaven knows what I'll do with the big drawerful of scraps I've been saving for them!!!

Tonya R said...

these were very much utility quilts so it would have been common to quilt them with a very big stitch or just tie them. and these days machine quilting definitely makes it easier. I still haven't decided what to do with my crumb quilt. I'd love to hand quilt it - I'd put in a LOT of stitching, working in ditches and making X's and things like that and never cross a seam.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Machine or tie quilt is the only way to handle the seams. Hand quilting would be too much like work:-) We all want to see it when you finish!

Cheri said...

Clare, the crumbs look really fun but that new banner photo at the top of your blog took my breath away. So beautiful!

Angela said...

Those crumb blocks will look great as a table runner. As for quilting through all the seams -- um, machine stitches??? Maybe tie it??? Not quite sure!

Pattie said...

Hi Clare -

This is my first visit to your blog...

I'm with Cheri: the banner photo took my breath away!

A crumb quilt, eh? I'm a beginning quilter so the term is new to me. But I sure love your design. It looks fun AND challenging!

I'm going to sign off and go explore your blog and various links.


Lily said...

Hahaha I think I know where your secret destination is and with whom! Not that it would take a rocket scientist to work that out :)

That's going to be an eyecatching runner! What colour will you do the borders?

Alycia said...

Well - I just love those colors! You have great crumbs on your table!!

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