Friday, 22 February 2008

Madame Printemps Arrivée

I'm not too sure how this is going to work out.
I'm sending this via email/Flickr.

Yesterday was glorious. The walk to the bus in
the morning did not require a torch or a coat and
I could smell Spring. The birds were singing and
the sun was pouring through the Velux in the bedroom.

Max temperature was in the top teens Celsius

Today is going to be just as gorgeous.

Alex breaks up today for the 2 week winter break
so my computer time is going to be cut to a
minimum :-)

Right - here goes. Let's see if it appears.

Well it did - 3 times!

So here are the photos in one post. Hope your RSS feeds weren't upset.

How Green is your Leaf?
Madame Nellie Moser has decided to make an appearance
Shy Mademoiselle Violet peeking out from behind the Bee Orchid leaves
Cherry Blossom
Bold Madame Cerise showing off
The original boulangerie in our courtyard
Sunset on the cottage in our courtyard.
This was the boulangerie for the hamlet many years ago.


Connie W said...

Very interesting building, very old world. I'm ready to see signs of spring but it won't be this week, for sure.

Lily said...

Clare hooray! Of course, the leaves are just starting to turn here, as we head into Autumn. But I'm ready for some snuggly days as I grow in girth!

Carol said...

That picture of the blossom is absolutely exquisite.

Patti said...

You live it such a beautiful place! The old building is absoutely fascinating. How incredible to live where history is so old - oh dear, I really worded that oddly. Hope you know what I mean. And here I am - walking through Fort Vancouver which was started in the 1840's and thinking that is old. I can just imagine how many "ghosts from the past" would speak to one in a building as old as this one must be.

Spring is my second favorite month - love to see all the vegetation waking up - especially the flowers. The white snowdrops and purple crocus are singing to the sun beside our front walk right now. Just makes my heart joyful!

Tazzie said...

Such lovely pictures Clare, thank you for sharing. You must be just thrilled to see Spring peeking around the corner.

Holly said...

Your crumbs look delicious. I'm enjoying watching them grow. Hurray for school break and for the promise of spring! Your photos are lovely.

Sandy said...

OH, Clare, how beautiful! Spring is definately making an appearance. Enjoy it and please give us more photos! ;o)

melzie said...

xoxo melzie

Sue in western WA said...

We've had a touch of spring fever here too. It's been all I could do to resist the primroses (meant for the garden) at the market. I *know* the weather will be icky again before I get them in the ground!

Annie said...

Oh, spring looks wonderful!! We got hit with 10 inches of white on Friday. It's supposed to warm but doubt it will be gone by the weekend. Thanks for the pics of spring!

rebel26 said...

Oh la la! C'est tres belle.

My bulbs are popping up - it's spring indeed =)