Thursday, 28 February 2008

Crumbs Mania

Crumbs Mania

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Nearly back to normal.

In between rebuilding computers and generally
pulling out what hair I've got left, this is what
I've been doing.

I thought I said I was going to do one small
central square, then a border, then log cabins and
then letters. Forget the last bit! One ever
growing square, small border and then cabins (in
fact it's grown since this photo!).

It's gone from being a table runner/cloth to a big
grown up wall hanging. DH loves it!

Google Reader has well over 250 blog entries to read
so I've marked them all as read and am starting
from scratch, which will account for not leaving
any comments, or returning the complement - sorry :-(



Cheri said...

So much fun! The colors are great. No wonder your DH loves it!

Tonya R said...


Patti said...

Looks marvelous Clare - like a work of modern art. Isn't it fun playing with the crumbs! People who toss these in the wastebasket just don't know what they are missing!

Screen door said...

Hope your computer woes are over--- Love the Cracker Crumbs *S*....

Holly said...

Looking great!

Lily said...

Wow Clare, those brights are really working in the crumbs! And grrrrr to computers!

(And sometimes in life you just HAVE to click on 'mark all read' :) )

Sue in western WA said...

Wheee! What fun!

Mary said...

I love your crumbs! What a fun wallhanging they will make!

Angela said...

It looks great -- and only 250 entries to read? pshaw. (I'm just teasing you, I'm considering doing the same as I haven't completely caught up from being out of town for a short five days. Ugh).