Thursday, 14 February 2008

7 Things

Here we go again.  Tracey has tagged me for the 7 things meme.  How many times have I done this?  Every time I get tagged I swear I won't do it, but Tracey sounded so insistent in her mail so I could hardly refuse ;-)

OK, so here we go.


1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post THE RULES on your blog.

3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Done 1 and 2 so here's 3

  1. I was born left handed. When I started at school the nun's made me use my right hand. I am slightly ampidextrous and even now can never be too sure whether to use my left or right hand.  Perhaps that accounts for Unco-ordinated Clare who can't cut in a straight line

  2. I adore Labrador dogs.  We used to have one when I was younger.  She died when I was 14.

  3. Cats, especially Siamese, run a close second to Labradors.  Perhaps that's because we had Siamese cats too!

  4. I never ever throw a book away.  I might give them away or swap them (mostly Chick Lit),  but I'll never throw one away.  In fact, I treasure them and only lend if the person promises to return them.  I lent my copies of Malory's Morte d'Arthur to someone once - never got them back!

  5. I  love swimming - can't wait for the pool to be opened - though funnily enough don't like indoor pools.  I get claustrophobic and my eyes hate the chlorine.

  6. I wear glasses - have done since my early 20's.  I can't wear contacts - my prescription is not a "contacts" one.

  7. Wooo hooo - I've started reading proper books again.  No more chick lit stuff.  That is definitely a wonderful thing!

I'm not going to tag 7 people so if you are reading this YOU'RE IT

Something odd is going on - this won't wrap properly so please excuse the odd formatting.  I think it's Wordpress cos it doesn't matter which browser I use, it does it anyway.  

Anyone else having problems? 

UPDATE - I think it was the template.  Please excuse me while I redecorate :)


Cheri said...

First, I love your backyard! More like a back forty...

My parents were both left-handed and both were made to use their right hand in school. My father wouldn't, and they would tie his hand behind his back, hit his knuckles with a ruler, etc., but he remained a leftie. My mother was much more pliant and used her right hand to write, but she could never sew with it. Now that she's in her 80's, she's suddenly started to write with her left hand because it just feels better.

Interesting 7 things -- I always enjoy reading these!

Holly said...

I always wanted to be left handed - even now :) You people look so smart when you're writing left handed. hehe. Seriously.

Tracey said...

See, that wasn't so hard!!!
I found out interesting you now write right?
I never get rid of books either, much to DH's disgust, love your wonky house, I'm going to do one as well, Tracey