Saturday, 2 February 2008

Chasing the Blue's Away

I've been in a bit of a rut over the last few days.  Some lovely sunny days, but we have had our fair share of high winds and rain and rain and rain.  Enough to drive a woman crazy!

To try to cheer myself up I thought I'd attack the crumbs basket.

A pile of crumbs

Out of some of that lot I put this together.

A Crumbs Block

I'm trying to teach myself Leaders and Enders and Bonnie's style of crumb busting.  I can't seem to get the hang of the Leaders and Enders, but I expect I'll get there in the end.

 On to the title of this post.  I went through all the bins and dug out as much blue fabric as I could find.

My Blue's

I've got an idea brewing, but I need to replenish my stock of blue and white thread. 

Alex is packing for her ski-ing trip.  06.30 am departure from the school tomorrow.  Guess who has been nominated to drop her off and pick her up next Saturday at 2.00 am!


joyce said...

The thing I like about crumb blocks is that you get a whole beautiful quilt from a bag or box of scraps. It feels so frugal!

Tazzie said...

Hey there Claire, your crumb blocks is looking wonderful. Stick to the scrap users system if you can, it's really worth the effort.
Aren't Mum's just the best Taxi's?

Holly said...

Ahhh, a wonderful new project in progress. I was always the taxi driver not only for my kids.

Debi said...

Great crumb blocks. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.

anne bebbington said...

Taxi driving's a bind at the best of times - but 6.30 and 2.00 am's taking the micky - love the crumb blocks, always feels like something for nothing. Can't wait to see what you do with the blues

Juliann said...

Glad you are finding a way to chase away the blues. Hopefully my heart blocks will be landing in your post box soon.

nicolette said...

Crumb blocks, that’s new to me. I love the looks!
I hope Alex has a wonderful ski-trip!

Angela said...

My guess is that the nomination did NOT fall to your husband! Love the crumbs -- I need to seriously play with mine soon!

Finn said...

Hi Clare, thank you for the color!!! What a sweetie you are! I love that you're chasing the blues witn in fabric...LOL. Your crum blocks look awesome as does the newest red and white quilt *VBS*
Bonnie's leaders and enders is a bit of s sticking point for me also.
I assume that it "assumes" you are piecing a top of some sort, and inbetween the making of block parts, or joining rows, we'd send a pair of scrap squares through.
Bonnie says she does that as her Bernina doesn't like the open space between blocks. My Pfaff is persnickity at time and "eats" the beginning of things, but I still haven't really gotten the leader/ender thing down to a habit yet.
It is nice to have all those pairs of squares or triangles sewn tho, when you want to get started on a scrap project.
Keep up the great work, Hugs, Finn

Amy said...

I love those -- my great-gran used to make them, but she called them 'crazy quilts' -- every time we used the quilt, we would go through each scrap, naming what it had come from, as many of her 'crumbs' were bits and pieces from altering clothes as they were handed down and re-styled. clothes that had stains or holes that could not be fixed were cut up for the bag, too, so between the re-styling, rag bag pieces, and leftovers from sewing clothes, every quilt had stories galore.

Lily said...

Ooooh those blues are looking divine. 2am is an insane time for a pick-up! What a good mum :)

Tanya said...

Love your crumbs. I really need to start that project. I finally got the leaders enders system under my belt but I need to go review Bonnies crumb buster system before my basket overflows!

Sewing like mad and nice things :-) « DORDOGNE QUILTER said...

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