Monday, 21 January 2008

woooo hooooo - sun!

For Anne who likes Daffodils, especially Tonya who needs sun and Finn who wants some colour.

Yesterday was glorious!  My banner says it all!

And if you don't like creepy crawlies don't scroll down!


He/she/it was found in the pool yesterday.



Tonya R said...

what the heck is that thing? Kinda cute and fun colors. reptile obviously. I had no idea this kind of thing lived in France. Escaped pet?

joyce said...

Your daffodils made my day too over here where its so cold and snowy. I really thought the little lizard or whatever it is, was a quilt pieces. He'd make a nice little wall hanging.

Amy said...

Pity we weren't there -- my son would have had him scooped up in a heartbeat, wanting to know if he could keep him.

Angela said...

Oooh -- just beautiful! We're feeling arctic blasts here and freezing our tushes off. Thanks for the glimpse that spring may actually come!

Tanya said...

Is he/she alive and swimming or is he/she... well you know... and floating? And what is he/she? A salamandar? A lizard?

anne bebbington said...

Gorgeous daffodils Clare - and my youngest thought the lizard was brilliant - even had me save the picture in her file - I love the effect of the sun on the water - oh for Spring eh?

Tracey said...

Oh, he would be living in my kitchen right now! we love lizards!
Loved the daffodils as is hot hot hot here, so they are not to be thought of other than in your lovely pictures, good job on the clean out and thanks for the compliment of my pictures, am doing a card range, will be showing them in a soon to be post, tracey

Amy said...

I think I might have ID'd your swimmer --

either a Fire Salamander --

or perhaps a Marbled Newt --