Saturday, 19 January 2008

Les Soldes Encore et How to Attract Attention to Your Blog

Here's some more. I think this is the last of it, but if I find anymore rest assured I'll upload a picture.


On to the second part of the heading.

Tonya wrote yesterday about a Blogger on her Lazy Gal Winter Class who is trying to attract attention to her blog. Apart from Tonya's very sound advice on making sure you are not on no-reply and people can respond to your comments, the other way is to join one of the web rings, often listed in people's side bars.

Some are invitation only - like Maverick Quilters - some aren't.  The ones listed below are open.

To join the Stashbusters web ring you have to be a member of the Stashbusters' Yahoo! Group. Don't confuse this Stashbusters ring with the one run by Judy L. That one is invitation only.

The Quilting For Fun web ring is now closed, but Swooze has set up another one - More Quilting For Fun. She also runs the Stashbusters' ring.

I think the Design Studio one is still open too.

You can join via the links in the left hand side bar.

Of course, another way of attracting attention is to be positively blatant and make sure that every email you send out has the link to your blog at the bottom!


anne bebbington said...

Again - whatever's going :o)

joyce said...

Or give away free stuff like you are doing!

Holly said...

Make the rounds to like-minded blogs and comment a lot. Lather, rinse, repeat. Someone should post a tutorial on the no-reply issue.

Just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday, Clare! Enhancing your stash with those cheery brights is a perfect way to celebrate. The table runner turned out great. Hope you are staying dry.

Angela said...

Oh, and I love those blue roses with the mostly white background :0).

Angela said...

Oh -- and another way to attract attention to your blog, read other blogs. Comment on them. Engage in conversations with folks. And expect nothing in return. Hope folks read your blog, but go into it expecting that you will be "talking to yourself" for a bit. Eventually, folks do check you out, read what you have to say, and stick around for a bit :0).

Kieny said...

As far as I know Quilting for Fun is still open but Quilting for Pleasure is closed.

Hedgehog said...

Hi again! I kind of dig the blue and gold one second from the right - willing to send some more Q4L blocks in exchange!

Judy Celik said...

What fabric is second from the left? I might be interested. Judy Mesa, AZ