Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Bit Less Hair But Still Here (just!)

It's been an arrrrrgggghhhh week so far. Despite the optimism of last week and the get up and go feel to the New Year, things have gone steadily down hill.

Dearest ISP has decided I don't exist and won't let me connect :-( and Google Reader has been mucking about and I haven't been able to read my blogs - when I can connect that is! Customer Service/Technical man is useless. I'm sure he's in India or some far flung country. He sounded as if he was in a tunnel!

Last Friday was my [mimble, mimble] birthday and DH was persuaded to go to one of the quilt shops in Périgueux after the weekly grocery shop. I decided it's time to branch into brights - lovely bright brights - lovely hit you in the eye and wham! brights.

Here is the first foray.


I pounced on the blue in the remnant basket and looked up and down the long table in the shop that is jammed packed with fabric. Right at the top of the table I saw a 20% off sign - woo hooo - not a lot, but enough for a mini splurge! Half a metre of each and 20 Euros later. Not bad!

Whilst trundling up and down the aisles at the local huge Auchan hypermarché I spotted the first Tulips of the year. Sooooooo, thinking of Finn's recent post about the long winter days and how much we need colour during these drab, dark days, these found their way into the trolley. Specially for Finn to cheer her up.


Yesterday was a drum roll day - da dar!


One design wall - up and in use!

Guess whose heart is whose? I think you'll be able to guess Anne's and possibly Jen's. There are hearts here from Australia, UK, Italy, the US and, of course, Finland. What would I do without Jen. Every single quilt has had a Hedgehog block or 2 in it.

Off into Perigueux again - this week we seem to be going in every day and this time it's not because of DH's nose! Shop until you drop week!



Tazzie said...

Happy Birthday for last Friday Clare hon. I love the fabrics you've purchased, they're just so bright and pretty. I must also tell you, I think I need a 12 step program to get me off Staries ... it's addictive I tell you, and it's going to bite into sewing time ... Help me!! *lol*

nicolette said...

Happy belated Birthday Clare!! I love the bright fabrics you bought and the quilt-top. I see one of my blocks is used too, the one with the four leave (hearts) clover!

joyce said...

Brights are where it's at in my opinion. Good choices. The hearts are looking good. Mine will be on its way later today.

Tonya R said...

happy birthday!!! what fun brights and they look so marvelous with the tulips.

Angela said...

OOOooooh -- love those bright fabrics. Then again -- I simply love bright fabrics period. I've tried curing myself of this -- but, no good. I just have too much fun playing with them!

Angela said...

Ooops -- and happy belated (something something) birthday!

Suzette Harris said...

Happy belated Birthday! Lovely fabric!

samantha said...

Happy Birthday! What lovely bright fabric to help you celebrate!

Kieny said...

Happy belated Birthday Clare! There are so many Capricorns out here. Those fabrics are lovely and so are the tulips.