Friday, 18 January 2008

First Finish of 2008

One side


 and the other.


Please excuse the mess in the top left hand corner - DH's meds and HP6!  Would you believe that this is nearly 2 metres long!  Mum's dining table is in 3 sections and this is made for when the second section is in position.  It's not as wide as it is supposed to be, but I think it will be ok.

 To finish - I'm practising wonky hearts.


 Alex asked me last night if I  could make her a quilt of hearts.  All in good time!


Tanya said...

Ahh. Wonky hearts. Thanks for reminding me. I seem to remember that I was planning to make about 10 more but their counterparts are getting lost under a mound of fabric and junk. Everytime I steip into the sewing room I should promise to make one and maybe the end will be in sight.

joyce said...

I like the runner. You are lucky you can get at least half of the table cleaned off! I need a maid and I don't even go out to work.

Angela said...

A fun table runner! Love the wonky heart as well. I've done my share of them!

Tonya R said...

wheeee, fun. That heart came out fabulous.