Sunday, 23 July 2006

Blue Jean Windows Update

Haven't posted for a few days as Puter threw a wobbly when I tried to install my new HP printer. Anyway, it is back from the "hospital" now and I am back in the land of the living. It has been sooooo hot here over the last 10 days or so that I have been catching up on BJW. Sitting in the kitchen with the windows, shutters and doors firmly closed against the heat and all the sewing stuff spread all over the kitchen table has been great. I got a lot done and am on the home stretch for the top layer. However, I have been really really stupid on this one and haven't thought it through properly. One block turns out to be upside down, but that is a Clare trademark now (LOL) so I'm not going to unpick it again! I did the central square and worked outwards from that. Stupid thing to do! Any normal person would have looked at the design and worked horizontally. Oh no, not me. I have to do it the difficult way and have now got 2 massive vertical strips to sew either side of the central block. Doh! Good job the kitchen table is long enough! Still mega busy. However, will upload some more pictures and stuff soon. Stay happy and keep cool.


Tonya R said...

Aiyee. I imagine it's not that the heat is so bad, it's the not having air conditioning that's a problem. Ugh. Glad you're able to get some sewing done anyway, despite the heat.

Serena said...

It's been extremely hot here also! Keep cool! Glad you are able to get some sewing done!

Pippa said...

My DH's threatening to stay working in uk to buy us solar aircon (the electric ones we've got are rubbish and eating the leccy) mind you with solar panels breaking in the storm on Friday night i'm not happy.
I'm amazed you can sew, my sweat drips onto the fabric here :o)