Friday, 14 July 2006

Alexandra and her Menagerie

Not a lot going on on the quilt front so to brighten up my blog, here are some photos of Alexandra and the animals.
Alex showing off on top the hay bales.
Magic (left) and Podge deciding what mischief to get up to next whilst having an after supper wash.
Alex's pride and joy. This is Nutmeg who was rescued "from the pot", is now 6 years old and eats everything from plastic boxes to wellington boots to jeans!


Sophie said...

Lovely photos!!! :-) Must show mum/granny when I go home tomorrow!

Can Nutmeg give me some of her diet tips?!! That lady has shed some pounds since I last saw her! Don't tell me!! She had to go on a diet where she was just eating rabbit food!!

Ok, ok....I'll get my coat!!! :)

Tonya R said...

Sweeties all, but I love the little bunny. How cute. But glad she's not eating all of my stuff, that's for sure.