Sunday, 9 July 2006

La Tour et Le Foot

Oh dear. Not very good at keeping abreast of all the sporting events. Hubby is downstairs watching the Wimbledon men's final. There is also La Tour on, which, disgracefully, I haven't watched one bit of, and then there is the World Cup final tonight which I, along with all the rest of France, will be watching (probably from behind the sofa). I want to watch La Tour when they go up the Alps but have no idea whatsoever when it is on, or even if I have missed it. Doh! Tonya - I believe they shot through Bordeaux which is the nearest they have ever got to chez nous. Talking of t.v. Any Dr Who followers out there? Did you watch last evening's episode. I was in floods! A+

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Katjaquilt said...

We will keep our fingers crossed that France will win the cup tonight. Germany had it's 'final' yesterday and there was a big reception around noon in Berlin and the team was celebrated as they had win the cup.