Monday, 9 February 2009

Life goes on

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Unfortunately The Beautiful Cat hasn't returned and it doesn't look as if she will. The problem with living where we are is that we are surrounded by countryside and it is quite possible that she has been "foxed".

Considering what has been happening in the world over the last week or so, our loss pales into insignificance. All I can say is that Magic has left a huge hole in our lives and she's very much missed.

I went into a slump just after she disappeared and haven't been able to do any sewing at all.

I suppose it was because my quality controller is no more.  However, this last weekend I got my houses quilt out and started quilting.

Can you see "liquorice"?

Oh my goodness, look at those fans! Did I really do those?

As you might have seen from the side bar on the right, I've joined Project Improv.

I've opted for the blue and green charity block which shouldn't be a problem.  Now all I've got to do is to dig down into the depths of my imagination and come up with a design for my quilt.  I have got an idea based on one of my favourite Gwen quilts, but I'm still not too sure about it.

In the meantime, I've got a bit of a problem and I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm not at all sure what to call the houses quilt.

I originally thought "Candy Houses", then "Sugar Sweet Houses", then "Sweet Houses", but none of the names grab me.  Liquorice Houses was mooted at one point, but doesn't seem to hit the spot either.

Anyone any ideas?


nicolette said...

Oh my dear, I’m sorry your Beautiful Cat did not return. Even is you’re comparing your loss to devastation going on worldwide, it remains a loss!

Maybe you should call the quilt Magical Houses... to honour your quality controller!

lisajo said...

"essence of gumdrops"
Your quilt is lovely, and you are doing a fabulous job on the quilting! I tried to do the "free" piecing before, and just couldn't wrap my brain around it. Maybe i need to try again...they really are the cutest quilts!
And dont give up hope...missing cats have been known to wander back home after months of absence. good luck!

Cheri said...

Those houses to me look like they are glowing in the nighttime, so maybe the title could pick up on that? I love your fans -- do you really leave all those pins and quilt through them? Looks tricky!
So sorry about your kitty, I know you must ache for her.

Amanda Ryan said...

I'm so sorry that your cat hasn't returned. I've never lost a cat like that, but I have had to have several put to sleep, and I know how big a hole they leave in your life for a while. It's difficult to feel involved with the terrible events that happen over the other side of the world, although I know that we sympathise and feel a bit helpless, but that doesn't make any difference to feelings about things that happen at home. Your quilt is such fun and should be equally good fun to quilt.

The Chocolate Cat said...

I love the quilting you're doing on this quilt. Sorry I'm no help with a name! So sorry to hear your quality controller didn't return. We have lost 2 furry members of our family in the last 12 months and it hurts. I still ache when I think about them. Hold onto to the precious memories and take comfort from them. Thinking of you xx

Fiona said...

I have ideas - but they are really bad ones - like "Confectionery Corner", "Quality Street", "Candy Cottages" and "Sweet Street". Sorry to hear about your cat, it's maybe a bit early to give up hope, as one of your commenters says, they can sometimes return when you least expect it.

Karol-Ann said...

great quilting! Love your fans. Sorry about your cat, but you never know. We had a cat that disappeared and we never knew what happened. I would like to think he went to live at someone elses' house... People often take in strays, not knowing that someone might be sick with worry...

a few silly names for you:
Candy condos
Sweet shacks
jelly joints
Liquorice lean-to's
Calorie castles
Calorie cribs
Liquorice lodges
Sugared shanties...
Oh I don't know LOL

Vicky F said...

So sorry about your kitty. The not knowing is hard.
For your houses, how about Jelly Bean Lane?
Vicky F

Kate said...

If you want to keep with the licorice theme, you could call it Allsorts of Houses :) Sorry to hear your cat has not come back :(

Bridget said...

I live in the country and had several cats and kittens "coyoted." With the last kitten, we finally broke down and put in a cat door. Now if she feels nervous, or there is danger, she is in the house. No litter box because she still uses the field next to us, but she is an indoor kitty at nighttime.

gari said...

How about Magic Midnight Houses? We have had two cats "leave" and I remember that it is not just the loss but also the questions. I am really sorry you are having to experience this.

Tazzie said...

I'm thinking Licorice Lane - the colours definitely say licorice to me.

Clare said...

I like:-

Allsorts of Houses
Liquorice Lane
Essence of Gumdrops

Any more ideas anyone?

Teresa said...

LOL...the name that just popped into my mind is "Knock Knock"

jmbmommy said...

SO sad about your kitty...I did kind of like Shugar shanties...alternate spelling, I know, but it made me laugh.

Tink said...

Magical Mystery Houses:-)

Tracey said...

So sorry to hear about the quality controller. And yes, blocks from me are coming, I am waiting on a couple of girlfriends who have promised them ASAP...sigh!
I may have a little project for you this weekend to help with our bushfire and visit, Tracey

Lily said...

Allsorts of houses gets my vote.

Sorry your puss didn't come back. Must be that Bengal look/gene! It's awfully upsetting though. I am very sorry.

I am going to make some maverick stars, but there'll also be some red&white blocks coming your way in the not too distant future :)