Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Charity Begins at Home

You all know I'm a charity quilt person, Quilts 4 Leukaemia being my priority.

However, from time to time I stick my charity head up over the parapet to see what's going on in quilting land.  Sometimes it takes my fancy, sometimes it doesn't.

I know the horrendous bush fires in Victoria, Australia have affected us quilters deeply and I decided that this is one cause I am going to support, but how to?  Below are the answers to the question.

Campfollower is asking for 121/2 inch Maverick Stars for victims of the horrendous bush fires in Victoria, Australia.  Click here to have a look and please help.  Maverick Stars are so easy.

Oz Country Quilting Mum Tracey is also asking for help. Again, click on the link.

I know from experience how generous and kind quilters are so if you were thinking of making me a red and white block, DON'T!  Make a Maverick Star block for Camp Follower, or a lovely country style block for Tracey instead.

Remember - the people who will receive these quilts probably haven't even got a home any more.


nicolette said...

Thanks for spreading the word!

Finn said...

Hi Clare, so sorry to hear about your furry friend being lost. I hope she finds her mittons and comes home soon.
The blocks for the wild fire is a neat idea. I'll pop over and join up. Thanks for letting us know. Hugs, Finn

Magpie Sue said...

So sorry to learn of the loss of your cat. I sure hope she returns home soon. Or maybe someone else will turn up and volunteer to take her place. What heartache.

I'm also very glad to see someone has organized an effort on behalf of our Aussie friends. I'll have to check out these opportunities and see what I can do.

Gillian said...

Yes, thank you for spreading the word about these initiatives. 1,800 homes lost so far, and towns still under threat.

There is lots of great community support too. I read a news item about a bank that sent staff to a local library with a cash tin and some withdrawal slips to allow customers who have lost everything and are stuck in tent shelters to make cash withdrawals. As the banker said, "We're breaking all our own rules, to help people."

Cheri said...

Such devastating fires -- someone on a Janome list is collecting for them, too. So very sad.