Saturday, 2 August 2008

Goodies in the Mail and Street Theatre

Lots of envelopes arriving again.  Some for Quilts 4 Leukaemia and some for me!

Mum found a bagful of paper pieced hexagons at a jumble sale recently and thought I'd like them.  I know it's not really my sort of thing, but their original owner obviously put a lot of work into them so I thought I'd have a go at finishing them off!  Don't know if I can put up with all that hand sewing - these are beautifully done - but, hey, worth a try I think.

Nicolette and I did a private swap recently.  I sent her lots of flowery fabric (forgot to take a photo before I posted it off) and she sent me a metre of gorgeous orange batik.

The flowery and yellow FQ's were sent to me by non-blogger, Irene, who lives in the UK and has contributed lots of gorgeous red and white blocks.

Thanks Nicolette and Irene.

The weather is horribly hot.  I mean horribly horribly hot.  Feels like 100% humidity.  Too hot for sewing or doing anything quilty, but I have managed to do another couple of stars.  I rejected the 2 smaller ones (orphan bin :-( ) and made another couple of big ones!

I like the spikey look.

On Wednesday DH had another check up with his heart surgeon.  I took the opportunity to go in with him on our own, have a wander round Périgueux marche (some stunning colours, but alas no photos - too many people) and see if we could catch some of Mimos.

Mimos is an international mime festival held every year.  It is now in its 26th year and this year's theme is the "corps animés".

Mimos Off is the best bit - street theatre at it's best.

We only managed to catch one act as it was getting far too hot and we needed to get home.

Right, must get going - gite to clean and house to sort out - only a week to go and 25 people descending for the day !


Cheri said...

What a fun festival! Sorry about the heat -- quilting is hard, but housecleaning for all those guests must be a bear!

joyce said...

The festival looks like fun but if it was too hot to watch, how could the actors manage all dressed in black like that? They must be dedicated indeed.

cher said...

love the orange batik fabric..sorry you have to clean in the heat-ugh!

Dawn said...

The street theatre looks great, they must have been pretty hot doing it!! I hope Rex was ok.

quiltdivajulie said...

You are brave indeed to tackle all those hexagons. I love the look... but have never had the patience when I had the skill (if I actually do)....

I would have enjoyed the street theatre - minus the heat. It has been dreadful here for weeks and there are weeks to go before any hint of fall even thinks about arriving in our area. You have my sympathies!

Holly said...

Those hexagons are wonderful. Just take it inch by inch and they will be done before you know it. What plans do you have for the orange batik? It's delicious. Those street theater people must have *really* been hot wearing black like that.

Tracey said...

I have a whole heap same vintage I got at a market as well, but they aren't even!! And my life feels too short to try and make something that will take forever and not fit! i'll think of something small, Love Terri with her quilt...note to self.. send those blocks!!