Saturday, 19 July 2008

Yet another Red and White Challenge

I've finished Quilt No. 9 and Quilt No. 10 is already on the wall.

While I was going through the block bin I had another Challenge idea.  I Spy red and white blocks!  Most of the quilts go to small children - aged 3 upwards.  What better than red and white I Spy quilts.  Yes or no?


Cheri said...

I'm a big fan of I Spy quilts, so yes! But how do you do that and limit it to red and white? Do you mean novelty prints only in those colors? or just red and white borders around prints?

anne bebbington said...

Yes, that's my question too - let us know what you want Claire and I'll get stitching

Tracey said...

Hmmm, no red and white novelty prints in my stash, but a good theory, great work on the finishes, you are a machine....great book! Tracey