Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Brantôme Brocante

Not a lot of sewing.  Weather is boiling hot - bottom 30's (centigrade).  Lots of swimming going on and, of course, it is brocante/vide grenier season.

This is the latest haul.

A beautiful sewing basket.

I've been after something like this for ages to keep all the paraphenalia in when the sewing moves downstairs. An absolute bargain, especially when the stall owner did a deal and ..........................................

we came home with this gorgeous mirror. It weighs a ton. The frame is oak.

And then I found this for the bathroom. I love it!

I did manage to get 2/3's of a liberated star done yesterday.  I'm getting the hang of them at long last.  Photo's soonest I promise.  It's just that summer is getting in the way.



joyce said...

I'd love to go to a Brocante. I think garage sales in other countries would be the most interesting thing! We did go to the flea market in Paris but it's too professional for my taste. Give me other peoples' junk any time. Lol.
Your finds are amazing.

Teresa said...

Great fines at the market. I have never seen a bathroom knocker (I guess that is what that is) like that - I just love it too! Sewing basket and oak mirror - wow, you did good.

Cheri said...

What wonderful stuff! I look at the things you post and it's like you are not in a different country but a different world or time. Lovely!

Karol-Ann said...

Wonderful goodies! That basket will be perfect!

anne bebbington said...

Lovely, lovely finds - especially love the hook for the bathroom - so quintessentially French - ooh la la! :o)

Lily said...

How very French Clare!

Not much sewing going on here for other reasons!!

Laura in Alameda, CA said...

I must be shopping in the wrong neighborhoods...I never find anything that nice!