Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sewing like I'm possessed

Lazy Gal Summer Class 2008

For Tonya's Summer Class. I'm continuing the repetition theme by doing some wonky houses.

Wonky House

The picture has come out a bit dark - bit of a grey day here today.

Quilt No 7 for Qs4L

Quilt No.7

I love the apple block and Irene's block, first left, second row down.

It's a Bank Holiday here today (Victorie 1945), Alex is off school until next Tuesday and it's raining! DH and I spent yesterday making flower beds in the courtyard. Didn't get very far, but a start is better than nothing.

Itching to get back to the sewing machine, but the list of outside chores is growing by the day. The pool has got to be power washed, with treated with acid, power washed again and then painted and if we want it open soon, as we do, then sewing is going to have to take a back seat.

Donc, A+


Hedgehog said...

Congrats on the blue finnish. Love the 7th quilt. Need some more blocks?

Tonya R said...

world is blue looks great all put together. very dynamic and strong. woohoo!

Cheri said...

You have been sewing like a mad woman! Very nice word quilt. :)

And I like your new heading photo -- makes me want to sit outdoors!

Holly said...

Being stark raving mad suites you. (It went from sewing like you're possessed, to being a mad woman, now you're stark raving mad :) ) I'm going to work on my flower beds today. I love the outdoors and would rather be doing something out "there" than be inside sewing.

michael5000 said...

Zipping along! Maybe you ARE possessed? I'd have it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

I'm not usually a fan of red, but I think your #7 is quite a charmer. I like the way you used the darker red in the framing, which sets off the blocks but still keeps it a one-color pattern. Congrats on the finish!

Angela said...

What fun projects to get busy with! Fantastic work!