Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Oh bargains - lots of bargains (ok then, a few!).

This week's haul!

Thrifty Thursday

The camera is not behaving itself. Goodness only knows why. Pictures are coming out grainy.

We have 4 balls of DMC Perle 8 at 0.50 centimes a ball found at the vide grenier at Léguillac last Sunday.

Then we have a lovely big pile of batik FQ's all the way from Georgetown, TX and apparently more on their way. Lovely lovely Megs.

And now for the bargains of the year.

You will know the Jan Mullen book as Cut Loose Quilts. On the back it says 31€. I got it for 4€ and it's brand new. I'm not keen on the fabrics, but I like the ideas.

The Inspiration Patchwork is not really my scene, but it was only 5€ and, again, is brand new!

Funny - I always walk past the book stands at brocantes as they are usually horrendously expensive. This one wasn't :-)

Been busy busy busy. More when I've got something to show.

Donc, a+


Cheri said...

I have the Jan Mullen's book (in English!) and really like it. But I like her fabrics, too. Lucky you to have gotten such bargains!

I had a bunch of grainy photos once (on vacation naturally, bummer), and it's because I somehow set my ISO to the wrong place. You might want to check yours.

joyce said...

I love the gorgeous fabric and good deal on the books. A quilter can never have too many books to inspire her.

anne bebbington said...

Lovely, lovely photograph Clare - I always love purple and aqua together - this lot looks good enough to eat!

Tonya R said...

oh what fun and what an incredible price on the perle cotton. whooohooo! I got some sun this morning - hurrah! hope you're getting it there as well.

Lisa said...

Great batiks, what a fun shopping trip you had.

Lily said...

They sure were bargains Clare! Looking forward to seeing all that inspiration end up in those fabrics :)

Busy here too!

Helen said...

Ohhhh, what great scores on the books! Wish I found those types of bargains.

kari & kijsa said...

Fabulous goods!! Have a fabulous day!!

kari & kijsa