Thursday, 15 May 2008

Eye Candy Thursday

Managed to get myself poked in the eye with a tree branch while mowing the lawn the other day so I can't quilt. Should have looked where I was driving!

I have been doing a lot on Ab Fab, but have reached a sort of stale mate. I need to stock up on threads.

Ab Fab 2

The bit between the orange/black and the purple has been quilted with grey cotton, the purple with purple perle 8 (fans). Where the pins are at the top has since been quilted in multi coloured black/white/grey floss.

Ab Fab 3

Above the orange has been quilted with multi coloured quiltilng thread and the brown with embroidery floss.

A wooo hooo! A friend told me about a lady going round the markets selling FQ's, threads, floss and perle 8, needles, etc. I found her at Brantôme market last Friday. Perle 8 and floss in every colour and reasonably priced. Lots of Coats & Clarke hand quilting thread too.

A walk around the garden before lunch?

Nellie Moser

Mme Nellie Moser feeling a bit sorry for herself. She is nearly over and is being munched by snails and slugs.

Fig Tree

Every single tree is out, but for some reason the fig trees are late this year. Must have been the frost we had last month.

Lemon Tree Buds

Blossom on the lemon tree. I'm getting a bit worried about her. Every time she puts out new shoots the blasted snails stuff themselves!


Grapes beginning to form. Must mix up some Bordeaux Mixture and do some spraying.

White Lilac

The white lilac is nearly over. I like the brown and white together. Mmmmmmm amazing how everything goes back to quilts :-)


Everyone's Irises are nearly over too, but for some reason mine flower much later. We've got loads of flowers this year.

Time for lunch I think!


Fifiquilter said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this finished - the texture looks wonderful & makes you just want to touch the screen. Hope your eye's better soon!

Karol-Ann said...

Ooo, a poke in the eye sounds awful!! Hope you get better soon!

anne bebbington said...

OUCH!!! hope your eye's better soon Clare

Connie W said...

I adore lilacs. Haven't seen white ones...wondering if they have the same wonderful scent as the lavender ones?

Cheri said...

Yes, everything does come back to quilts. Sometimes I bite my tongue for fear of people just rolling their eyes (some folks just don't get it). Love your garden! Our irises are bulging and I see a bit of purple on the edges. I think they'll pop this weekend.

Sorry about your eye! Hope you can get back to quilting soon. Wear some sunglasses next time you mow, they might offer protection from more than the sun.

Finn said...

Hi Clare, lovely loot of late! So happy you've found a good source for the perle....always good to know about and have lots of!
And hurray for all the wonderful books and fabric coming your way.
Wonderful that the Liberated Quiltmaking found you *VBS*, I'm grinning from ear to ear for you...big hugs, Finn (I'll take #9's coming but not nosed out by the Orange Crush mystery...bad Finn)

Sunshine said...

I had a meeting with a business associate last week, who couldn't resist showing me photos of her latest quilts -- she does traditional American patterns in eye-popping but gorgeous modern colours -- but was in awe that you are a free-piecer.

Suzette Harris said...

Love the flora. Hope your eye is ok.

Pascale said...

I am your mirror image in a way, as I am french living in England, and quilting.
I love your blog, spent some time on it and will come back soon.

Sue in western WA, USA said...

There are flowers I won't even buy to put in my yard because they're nothing but slug bait! My poor little violas hardly get a chance to bloom before they're eaten :- P

Love how your quilt is developing!

Tanya said...

OOh. Take care of that eye! Hope you went to a doctor right away for that! Lovely flowers!

Lily said...

Hope your eye is okay!

What gorgeous garden shots and I love your banner image. It's getting cold over here, we're having our first frosts for the year.

Love your work on the gorgeous fabric. What luck to find the lady selling the cotton and floss!

And great work on Q4L #7. It looks great. Another four blocks coming your way!

Richard said...

Hi Clare, thanks for the link to my blog. Love your photos and keep up the great site.

Tracey said...

Hope your eye is ok,. Love what you are doing with this quilting, very creative!!! Tracey

Chookyblue said...

love the pics...........

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