Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Not a lot of quilting going on

Alex is on holiday, complaining bitterly that she is bored, bored, bored. What's new.

Last week we went up to Angouleme looking for Converse. DS-D had promised Alex a pair as part of her Christmas and birthday presents. She's been looking for ages in the UK, but none of them have been the right colour. We decided to start looking over here - a bit more expensive but at least we knew they would fit AND, most importantly, they were the right ones. Angouleme did not have the right ones - well they did, but not in her size. I've never walked round a town so many times looking for shoe shops "just in case". However, I did come across these.

Restaurants in Angouleme

which when zoomed in on looks like this

Restaurants in Angouleme

Turned round and opposite was this

Restaurants in Angouleme


Restaurants in Angouleme

And then, would you believe, this!

Roof Terrace in Angouleme

I'm serious - this is for real!  Can you imagine entertaining your friends, sitting on this balcony having an aperitif or digestif and every passer-by watching you!

Got a lot of things to do between now and Monday next when I am off on my jaunt.  I hope to upload towards the end of this week the latest progess on Crumbs from my Table, which, even if I say so myself, is looking good after a bit of re-arranging.

Yes.  We did find her some Converse in the end.  Nontron of all places came up truhpim2223.jpgmps!







Patti said...

My daughter's favorite shoes are Converse. She has several pairs. We are lucky - there is a Converse outlet store about an hour south of here.

They took two pair of size three Converse to Guatemala with them. She wanted Joseph's first shoes to be Converse. Unfortunately, even though AGCI told them he wore size 3 they were too small.

Cheri said...

That fork sign is so delightfully whimsical! And the kitchen paraphernalia is great. I often wonder when I go by a strip mall why everyone can't take just a minute and give their shop some personality?

We spent Thanksgiving in LA with our daughters and stayed in a hotel right on Hermosa Beach. A walkway that goes some 10-12 miles along the beach passed a few feet from our porch and everyone could just look in. We moved to an upper room, but all the houses lining that walk are open for all to see. Not what I want! But it didn't seem to bother the people living there.

Pattie said...

Can't wait to see your progress on "Crumbs." It's very fun!

Rebel said...

There's a guy here in Portland call the SpoonMan and he makes all kinds of art from old spoons & forks & kitchen utensils. I have a spoon-handle hair barrette that I got from him.

It's funny that you've been out looking for converse - I just bought my first pair. It's so hard to find my size! Apparently I'm a boys size 3 or 4. I finally found a pair of size 3 that weren't camoflage or painted like flames or anything - just plain blue. I love them!

Pat said...

That silverware sign is a 'hoot' and I'm liking your crumb blocks...amazing how something we might throw away will turn into something beautiful and useful! You're right...I just LOVE Tracey's quilts and cows. They make me *smile* and feel all warm and fuzzy inside...its a good thing. Thanks for visiting :)

Finn said...

Hi Clare, I popped over to let you know I've nominated you for an award over at Quilt 4 Leukuemia. And then I see your tag-free zone sign....I'm not sure if awards are considered tags or not.
The award is for Blogging with a Purpose and only awarded to blogs that serve a specific purpose. You choose if you want it or not, ok? The details are posted at the Orphan Train blog.
While I'm here I have to say how much I LOVE you crumb mania...*VBS* I've been up to my elbows today in the smallest bits and crumbs from my scrap cutting, making more of my mile a minute(aka crumb) blocks *VBS* It's such fun and works well in stressful times. Take care of you, Hugs, Finn

Sue in western WA said...

I certainly wouldn't want to "be on display" for all the world to see on that balcony (or whatever it was)!

Best wishes for you upcoming trip - I have no doubt you'll have fun!

Tazzie said...

What a good Mummy you are to do all that hunting for shoes!