Friday, 14 December 2007

Another Christmas Surprise

I love Indesit washing machines.  Don't ask my why, I just do.  AFAIK they are the only make of washing machine that really really spin.

We have a clothes dryer hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen for drying washing in the winter months so it is a necessity that the clothes come out of the machine not dripping water all over the place.  We do have a dryer, but that is used for emergencies only - the electricity bills are high enough as it is without using that!

So imagine my dismay when the old and trusted Indesit that has moved from England to France and has washed and spun our clothes, quilts, Alex's soft toys, trainers and sand shoes for the last goodness only knows how many years decided to spring a leak and chuck the water all over the floor!  DH tried to repair it, but I think the poor old thing (the washing machine!) decided it has had enough.

The washing has been piling up and Alex has been complaining about the lack of clean clothes (she has to have clean clothes every day, even jeans!).

So, yesterday DH gave in to the fact that he won't be able to repair it and we came home with this!

Indesit Moon

Look - no silly draw to collect gunge from the powder and fabric conditioner and get clogged up. The dispensers are inside the door and are self-cleaning.

More in a bit - got some photographs for you.


Jenni said...

What a disaster! I too have a washing machine that really spins. I can hang the clothes inside with no drips on the floor. It is a Fischer and Paykel, which is originally a New Zealand brand, but they have a factory just near me. I buy everything that brand now, as they are the only servicemen that will come to where I live. Even if your fridge, washing machine etc is under warranty, noone else will come, so they have my loyalty!

joyce said...

Having spent years over those spinner washers (with two kids in diapers and two boys playing in the dirt at the same time) I well know the value of a good washer. I would like a front loader like that. Apparently they wash better and use less water.

Annie said...

There is nothing worse than having a washer mishap! Any woman knows that! Glad it is resolved..

thanks for stopping by my blog to see my convergence quilt. I see that you are part of Tonya's class. I am too,though I am failing miserably. The classic problem of not enuf time. Your quilt came out beautifully!!

Susan said...

Crockpot and a new washing machine all in one week....Wow! Santa has been good to your family and I'm so happy that your holidays will find you all in clean knickers and well-fed.

Angela said...

Ok, I think I'm seriously spoiled. My laundry never drips when it comes out of the washing machine. AND I use the dryer so it's not like it's a problem. What a time to have this happen -- but looks like you're happy with the replacement!