Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas Decorations

Photos of Christmas decorations in Périgueux. I wish we could have stayed until the Christmas lights came on, mais c'est la vie.


Above and below - the Rue St Silain from (above) Rue Tallifer and, below, Place Hôtel de Ville.


The knife shop in Rue Limogeanne. It looks like something out of Charles Dickens.




A Christmas tree outside the charcuterie in the same street.



A penguin for Tonya. Not very good - the light was bouncing back off the window.



Now some photos taken in Brantôme.

Two door decorations



A Stanta climbing up the chimney. Can you see the intricate stone carving? This house has recently been restored.


And last, but by no means least, one of the restaurants



The Christmas trees outside the restaurant line the main streets of Brantôme. Lovely to look at, but with narrow streets and narrow pavements they get in the way of pedestrians, especially on market day :-)

Not a lot of quilting going on. Instead decorating, tidying the house up and trying to keep warm. There is ice on the pool this morning and all the world is white. -6°c last night and today is not going to get much above +4°c. We've got a couple of days like this and then back to grey days and rain. Alex breaks up on Friday, winter officially starts on Saturday, Christmas Day the week after, then Jane arrives, then New Year and perhaps, after 7th January 2008, I can get back to normal.

The Secret Santa present hasn't been posted and neither has a small surprise I have for someone in France. Hope to get those in the post this week, but doubt if they will reach their destinations before Christmas.

Have a good week.



joyce said...

Thanks for the tour. Europe looks so different from here where the streets are so wide and most buildings are wooden or occasionally brick. And what could be more welcoming than a red carpet?

Connie W said...

I LOVE this post, all the lovely photos. Thanks!

Tonya R said...

That knife shop is gorgeous. I noticed this last weekend that christmas had arrived. trees for sale and pine boughs and ornaments decorating shops. and lots of Santas scaling the walls here too.