Wednesday, 3 October 2007

WiP Wednesday - 03-10-2007

Bonjour or bon soir as the case may be.

You know I said I wasn't going to show you the ongoing progress of the latest quilt. Well, I decided to show it today as I've got a bit of a problem.

Just a small one you understand. Nothing drastic. I mean it is surmountable and I can deal with it (I hope).

I've run out of background material!

So here is current project.


We can't get into Périgueux until next week and I just hope to goodness that the QS has still got some left. If not it's down to searching for it online and for the life of me I can't remember what it is called. I only went and threw the selvedge away didn't I. Stupid stupid stupid!

More WiP. Up to date progress on My Quilting Adventure. I was up to midnight doing this last night. Best friend was texting me at 10.30 pm with SOS's. Text's going backwards and forwards between here and Germany until the small hours so had to have something to keep me occupied.



I meant to say thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and advice about design walls. I going to go for Joyce's suggestion which is practical in a house where you can't hammer or drill holes in walls! Polystyrene tiles stuck onto a wall and a sheet or batting pinned to that. Sounds like the best way forward don't you think?



Tonya R said...

this is the perfect opportunity to use a new fabric. Doesn't have to match. play!!!!

nicolette said...

I love your quilting adventure! And never throw away the selvedges... Good Luck!

Hedgehog said...

Hope they still have some, but agree with Tonya, if they don't it's a chance to do something new/daring!

Just had to have my friend bring me more background for my fish from the US - know the feeling!

Lily said...

Disaster! Not really - I'm sure you'll find a way :)

Design wall option sounds good too :)

joyce said...

It doesn't really have to match. Hope the design wall works out. I love mine.

michael5000 said...

I've never hung on to a selvedge in my life. Hmm, maybe I should start. Hope you can match your fabric!

Tanya said...

Oh dear! I do hope you find that fabric! I've never tried looking for fabric online! (At least not a specific fabric...) I can see Tonya's point too, but it's hard to deviate from the original plan!

debbi said...

Hope you find more fabric. I really like the colors and fabric you are using.

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