Thursday, 4 October 2007

All Washed Out


Except in my case it's quilting and DH has moved into the guest room :-(

I haven't slept properly for 3 nights - been up at 5 am for the last 3 mornings and haven't dared go back to sleep in case I sleep through the 6.30 am alarms and Alex misses the school bus. It's me age; it's me age.

I'm completely washed out.

I can' t get any material in my stash to match Tamzin's Quilt and it is depressing me. I thought about sashing 2 rows of Tonya's Wonky Hearts, but can't seem to get the fabrics to blend with one another. Think I shall put it away for a few days and do some therapeutic hand quilting.

I managed to get 3 hours sleep this afternoon - I was doing my nodding duck routine over the kitchen sink - so really hope I manage to get some sleep tonight.

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, please don't worry, I'm trying to get my body clock back on track.

Ooops - just remembered. I think there is a postal strike in the UK so anyone who is expecting packages from me I don't intend to send them now until after the strike is over.

Update 05-10-07 - look what I found - missed the boat AGAIN!!



nicolette said...

The 50 something age thing can be exhausting! I regularly have to make up my bed again at night, because you can wring out my sheets and pillows. I sleep for 5 hours at the most and then all the lists start hunting me. Last night I had hot flashes during spinning classes... There was a complete lake under my bike when I was finished. I also experience hormonal mental disorder, some kind of Altzheimer ‘light’, do you know what I mean? I hope you are soothed by my missery (LOL)!

Connie W said...

Wishes for some good rest for you. :)

Suzette Harris said...

Hang in there sweety! It will get better. My clock has been a tad bit wonky lately but nothing like yours!

Holly said...

Have you tried NyQuil? Not just for colds :) Knocks me right out. Hope you gets some ZZZZZZZ's.

Tonya R said...

sounds miserable. hope you get sorted soon. postal strike? oh no, not more strikes!!!

Bobby (UK) said...

Poor you Clare! I do sympathise. We moved to a bungalow 5 years ago, because of DH arthritis and I still can't sleep 'downstairs'!! I'll think of you whilst I'm prowling in the wee small hours! Re Gwen Marston - couldn't resist looking on Ebay - £115! Is it really worth it?

Jane Weston said...

You sound jet lagged minus the holiday! Hope you are getting back on track soon :o)

Violette said...

Some of my dietician friends have told me that when I want to go to sleep I should eat a heavy meal. The extra fat grams should put you to sleep.

Lily said...

Clare what a shocker you're having. Hope it's a very quickly passing phase for you. If you feel like some frivolous fun, I've tagged you. Hope those naughty posties get back on their bikes soon!