Saturday, 25 August 2007

Meet the Speckles

Mum breeds Bantams. Well not actually breeding them like most breeders do. They have replaced the various horses, ponies, dogs and cats which we have loved and cherished over the years. Poor Mum is not getting any younger and I think finds Bantams a lot easier to look after than an Arab horse!

Each breed has their own enclosure surrounded by a very powerful electric fence to keep Mr Fox out!


So meet the Speckle family

This is Niggs. He is the latest addition to the collection, born and bred on the premises so to speak. He had just been let out into the run with his mum when this photo was taken last month.


This type of Bantam has got long woolly knickers and finds it a bit difficult to walk (or strut) with all those feathers so they tend to waddle.

Mum originally had some that were like tiny black Hovercrafts. You couldn't see their feet and they used to "hover" over the lawn. They were a joy to watch.

These photos are really for Sophie who has been uploading some fantastic photos onto her blog. She has also shown some pictures of the Bantams and we were chatting about Niggs so I decided to upload some photos for her and you too.  If you are interested in seeing more photos of where Mum lives, let me know in via Comments.



Tracey said...

Love the bantams...but I had a feeling you knew I would! Tracey

Angela said...

Ok, the chooks are way too cute! As for photos -- please DO share, I always love seeing other people's corners of the world!