Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Straying off the Fabric Diet

1st September is now marked on the calendar with a No More Fabric warning, especially after this find at the
Vide Grenier at Creyssac on Sunday.


It must be about 3 metres long and the price was so ridiculously cheap I couldn't resist it.

A thunderstorm is brewing up but before I log out how about this for a quilt design? It was wrapped round a bottle of wine DS-D bought back from Italy.




Cheri said...

A vino quilt would be very cute indeed -- looks like the artist had a sip or two before he drew the picture!

Connie W said...

Clare, I took a vow with one of my quilting buddies in January that we would not buy fabric this whole year...I messed up big time! There's always next year I suppose.
I love things with wine themes but that pattern has me puzzled, but it gives me an idea for some wine bottle and wine glass applique designs. And I love your new digs here.
Connie W

Angela said...

Oh what fun -- and ya know, those little splurges are ok, it's the huge and continuous ones (like I've been doing) that are the killers!

Amy said...

What about using iron-ons? You could scan some actual wine labels, then transfer them to muslin and quilt labels onto your bottles.

(Let me know if you can't find the transfers -- I have some left over from a teeshirt project...I might even have some Bergerac labels I could scan for you)

anne bebbington said...

Love the checked fabric - well worth breaking any diet for :o)

Screen Door said...

I love your frabric--- everyone needs a treat now and then...