Friday, 24 August 2007

NQR (Not Quilting Related)

We have taken a few days out to entertain DS-D and her partner.

Sunday last we picked them up at Angouleme station so decided to have a walk about before they arrived.hpim1094.jpg

Did you know that this very pretty city is the centre of the bande dessinée (cartoons to you). There are cartoon related murals on the walls of some of the buildings, like these





And round a corner we found this! Didn't take much notice of it at first and it was Alex who pointed it out.

Angouleme is twinned with Bury in the UK. This was a present from Bury and British Telecom to Angouleme. It's sufficiently graffitti'ized for it to look just as much at home here as it would in Bury!






Lily said...

Wheeee - I like your new layout - 'tis very ultra modern!

What a shame we didn't make it to Angouleme! It looks gorgeous. Glad you had some enjoyable family time too :)

Lily said...

Meant to say one of your photos is not working (the first one). And the Angouleme link doesn't seem to go anywhere... :)

Cheri said...

What a pleasure to walk around a city and find wall art like this. Are they meant to be trompe l'oeil, so you think they are really there, or are they more like murals? I used to live in Palo Alto, California, where they had small bits of decorative art all over downtown, very whimsical -- it made me smile whenever I came across one.