Saturday, 16 September 2006

Quilt Blocks and Carrier Bags

I turned on the computer this morning and downloaded a mail from Amy in Florida. I was instantly in hysterics. Amy O'Hara you have a wicked way with words. I hope she doesn't mind, but I really have to copy part of her mail here!
"Also -- when I was buying my red and white fabric for the leukaemia blocks, the lady cutting the pieces asked me what sort of quilt I was making (she guessed quilt by the fabrics and the small yardage) -- when I told her it was for a charity quilt, she asked if she could please make a couple of blocks, and would I send them with mine? She was really intrigued when I told her it was for an English friend of mine, living in France, making blocks for the English leukaemia society on behalf of a Scottish friend who is battling the disease. She said she would like to at least make it signify that the quilt is wrapped around the world. (Nice!)"
Onto the the carrier bags. I had a mail from Anne over at Quilting Bebbs asking if I could send her a carrier bag. I am going to make a deal here. If anyone wants a Super U carrier bag they have to promise me one red and white block. So Anne - you will get your carrier bag if you will make me one red and white 8 inch block in return! It is tipping it down here and I have a gite to clean, a house quilt to finish which is going horribly wrong and Alex has got the sewing bug. Sophie - if you are reading I would love Mum to see some of this please if George will let you borrow the PC. A plus!


Simonetta said...

Hello Clare,I have ended the blocks. Forgive me, but for error I have cancelled your e-mail. Can you contact me please? Thanks,hugs :)))

Jeanne said...

Hi Clare,

I'd be pleased to make a block for your quilt, and I'd love to get a bag!

I'll email you.

Jeanne :)

Dianne said...

Boo-hoo, Clare! My tub of red fabrics is in Australia and I'm here!

Still, eventually we will be reunited and I'd love to send you a block for the leukaemia quilt. Is there a time limit? When I arrive in Australia I have to buy a sewing machine, along with all the rest of my electrical appliances...none of the U.S. ones will work in Australia!

Amy said...

The lady in the shop has lived her entire life in a tiny town in Florida -- to her, England, France, and Scotland might as well be Pluto, Jupiter, and she's never even been out of Florida.

Which I thought made her comment about the quilt wrapped round the world all the more touching -- she truly begged me to let her make a block to send.

anne bebbington said...

Sounds like a deal to me Clare - have just cut out the applique piece as we speak - email me your snail mail addy so I can post it to you please