Monday, 18 September 2006

You are all fantastique!

I can see lots of lovely blocks coming my way. I really cant wait to make up what is turning out to be a beautiful quilt. Fiona's Take the Leap Challenge Quilt is going to make a child somewhere very happy - can't wait to see how her Red and White Blocks turn out. Anne's block looks as if it could become the central block. Hedgehog's blocks are beautifully made (I am looking at them as I type this). Marcie's are truly lovely too - I love the basket! Simonetta's are big and bold! Can't wait to see Katja's (she won't post a photo until she know's they are here safe and sound), and really looking forward to seeing everyone else's. Karen - if you are reading this, I am going to put your name on the list so that you will have to do it! Merci mille fois - all of you.

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