Friday, 15 September 2006

Loose Threads

Piccie time, but before I do that I must thank Hedgehog for her 3 beautiful blocks which arrived yesterday, accompanied by a lovely postcard of an Around the World quilt which has been given pride of place on the fridge! Onto the photos. The photos below are Polish stickers which Mum got on her recent Polish trip for Alex. The next photo is my new bag which was the small parcel I was expecting from Mum. Mum bought it in the market at Krakow. She said there were loads of them and really really cheap. Last but not least, this piece of fabric was a real find. I discovered it in the remnant box at the fabric warehouse. There are so many different colours and designs on it that I can use bits of it for anything! You might recognise a bit of it on my Tonya House that I made back in July. Next time I go up to Javerlhac (hopefully Monday) will have a rummage about in the huge cardboard box (big enough for me to fall into - it is impossible to get to the bottom of it) and see if I can find some more. Weather a whole lot cooler and am able to get a lot of outstanding chores done.


Sophie said...

Lovely pics!!! I've got a green bag and some teeny, teeny tiny Polish slippers!

I love those stickers too!

Hedgehog said...

It's a pleasure! You'll have a few more from me soon and so glad that you liked the little card. It came out of a very cool community project in Massachusetts I learned about at a show last summer.