Friday, 28 April 2006

Still Here !

Blimey - I didn't realise it was ten days since I last posted. Sorry! Lots of vide greniers (car boot sales) and brocantes to go to with lots of material. Went to a huge one last Sunday at Champagnac de Belair and found a piece of flowery material about half a metre for 1.50 Euros - not bad! Going to another one at Bourdeilles on Sunday and Villars on Monday. Must remember to remind Alexandra to take portable CD player and books. She gets so bored poor love. Then just had to visit fabric warehouse on Wednesday to get more material for Blue Jean Windows (new name) and stocked up on lots of fabric which I am playing around with. Japanese idea now dead - couldn't get to grips with the colours and so will keep what I've already got for future use ;-) Joined the Quilters forum yesterday and have found a quilter the other side of Limoges (hi Pippa) about 2 hours drive away, which in French terms isn't too far. There is also a Quilting Bee at Thiviers once a month, but the sort of stuff they do there is far too fussy and exacting for me. Oh, fantastic news last evening. Alexandra came home from school with report for last Trimestre - 95% A's and lovely comment from Le Maitre "Excellent travail. Bravo". Since she asked to be moved to a different desk, her school work has got a lot better. She has finally managed to get her head round long division and fractions. Summer is nearly here - opened up our pool this week :-) Will post more later.

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Serena said...

Blue Jean Windows...sounds fun!! Glad you found some quilters in your area!!