Monday, 1 May 2006

Photos and Villars Brocante

While I am in the mood for uploading photos. Here are pictures of the orchids for Tonya and one of my Alex. The person she is talking to is Joy who some of you may recall posts infrequently on Expatcrafters. Just got back from the Brocante at Villars and took some pics of the lace stall there. Sorry that the pictures aren't very good. I'm still trying to get to grips with my camera. We have been hunting high and low for a typically French door knocker for our typically French farmhouse front door. I originally wanted one in the shape of a hand/fist, but they cost a fortune. Well, today I found one and its a frog. Its lovely and will upload a picture when we have scrapped all the yukky brown paint off it, polished it up and put it on our door. Blue Jeans Windows is on hold. Swimming pool is open and needs to be cleaned. Temp this morning was 19 degrees so we aren't too far from the magic 22! More as and when


Tonya R said...

The orchids are lovely.

The very best thing you can do for your photos is fix them up in a program like Picasa (free download from Google). I highly recommend it.

Clare said...

I use either Irfanview or Corel Draw 8. Irfanview is similar to Picasa. Although the day was lovely and sunny, that particular spot was in the shade and the pictures came ut a lot darker than I thought they would.