Tuesday, 18 April 2006

All in a Quandry

Had a lovely day yesterday at the brocante at Vaunac though the prices were astronomical - 65 Euros for a piece of lace! Forgot to take the digi camera so haven't got any photographs of some of the most amazing lace and stuff that I've seen for a long time. Some of the garden ornaments were stunning too. However, bought a couple of children's dresses for material for 2 Euros and a new thimble for 2 Euros (not bad eh). I am now deciding what to do. Do I do the last block for Blue Jean quilt that I can do with what material I have left, or do I start on new design? I keep on saying to myself that if I don't finish Blue Jeans it will never get finished and yet fingers are itching to get out the fabric boxes and have a play. I also downloaded yesterday a demo version of PC Quilt for Windows v.2. Has anyone got any ideas about computer programmes for quilts. For or against? More later - houseful of girlie girls!

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