Saturday, 6 August 2011

What's red and white and stringy?

No - not Liquorice!

Remember this?

I was getting a bit disheartened as the fabrics are all the same and I thought it was getting a bit boring.

I put out a plea on the Stashbuster Yahoo Group asking if anyone wanted to get rid of some of their red and white stash.  After all, the purpose of the group is to get rid of stash isn't it?

I received an email from a lovely lady in Illinois saying she'd willingly send me some of hers as she'd grown tired of them and didn't think she'd use them.


Look what arrived the other day. 4lbs of fabric!

<3 those "heart strings".

The quilt is back on the floor and I'm cutting and

sewing again.

I've got so many projects on the go at the moment it's a bit overwhelming. So it's nice to sit down and do some mindless piecing.

If you read the Quilts 4 Leukaemia blog, you'll know that Quilt #32 was made for a little boy called Morgan. Sadly he became an angel in April and his mother is trying to raise funds for the children's ward of the hospital where he was treated. When this quilt is finished I'll be sending it to her so she can auction it.

More soon.


Quilter Kathy said...

I think your quilt is beautiful and the infusion of new reds will make it even more spectacular!

Kathleen C. said...

How generous of the woman to send you the fabric--she knew the fabric would be used for a very good cause.

Kim said...

Beautiful quilt, great cause= YOU rock!
I love how generous quilters are.

Happy sewing

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I love all the bright reds! great blocks

Belinda said...

Yes...I 'heart' red/white AND strings!!!