Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday Afternoon in Brantome

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about Brantome on a Friday afternoon, after the market had finished.

Today I had to go into again to post a parcel to a little girl in the UK who has been waiting patiently for her quilt.

This time I was too late for a quiet stroll round a nearly deserted town! The place was heaving, even at 3.00pm

The old church which is being restored (I talked about it last time), but a lovely shot showing geraniums.

Then I walked over the bridge towards the Abbey and spotted these gorgeous flowers, in boxes hanging from the railings.

Oh look! The little children from the Centre Sociale (they look after the kids during the day) were performing a flash dance.

It's the wedding season in France and Brantome has been the venue for lots of very very smart, Parisian style, weddings

You can tell how smart it was.  The sapin de mariage is usually a pine branch decorated with paper flowers in the wedding colours. However, these are bamboo with fine gold ribbons and delicate decorations.

Outside one of the many tourist shops. This particular one is owned by a friend of ours.

English tourists enjoying a late lunch by the river (I heard them talking so I knew they were English!)

and some riverside shots.

The last shot of the day before I too wilted in the heat and braved a very hot car.

More soon.


Juliann said...

Thanks for the stroll around town. It is gloomy here and I am stuck inside.

Belinda said...

What a marvelous town,,,I enjoyed strolling through it with you!!!